How to Tame Those Auto-Renewal Subscriptions

I can't be the only one who does this: I hear about a new (or new-to-me) website... or an existing one that appears to have something I want. I buy a subscription, vowing to cancel if the site sucks or I don't need it anymore. I forget that I even have a subscription to that website. A year goes by. The subscription auto-renews. I become cranky (well, crankier than usual) when I realize that I spent money on a site I don't use. ...more

I use these for subscription sites--for example, genealogy database sites, or the stats counters ... more

Job Candidates Are Mad As Hell And They Aren't Going To Take It Anymore

Just when you think people care could care less about the stuff that Emily Post and Miss Manners care about--that thing called good manners -- a situation bubbles up that makes you pause. Turns out people who are looking for a job still care about manners particularly when it involves the behavior of corporate executives who interview job applicants and then never get back to them. ...more

Your anonymous email is snarky if you make it snarky (unless you're using the one Alison from ... more