Creator of #IllRideWithYou Speaks Out on Hashtags and Solidarity

Have you been following the hashtag #IllRideWithYou on Twitter? It's the latest example of online solidarity, with all the many recent discussion about how to be an ally to a less privileged group (think: #CrimingWhileWhite and the recent blog post by The Blind Side subject Leigh Anne Tuohy). ...more
Reading through these posts yesterday blessed me with so much hope for humanity. I needed every ...more

Gifts That Support Diversity and Intersectional Feminism

Perhaps you have a person in your life whose holiday wishes lean toward social justice, feminism, or diversity. Sure you could buy them a present at the mall... but why not give a gift that affirms their values and also supports an independent artist or a good cause? I've been searching the Internet for items. Read on to check them out. NEXT=======> First stop, the bookstore. ...more
HapaMamaGrace this is awesome! Thank you Grace!! rgay BlogHermore

Pardon Me? Why Should Mark Wahlberg Be Pardoned For His Racial Hate Crimes?

[Update 12/12/2014: The Daily Mail reports that the one of the men beaten by Mark Wahlberg, Johnny Trihn says he was blinded in one eye while fighting in the Vietnam War and now would like to see Wahlberg get a pardon. --Grace] Pardon me, Mark Wahlberg? ...more
Dorchester was a rough place for Mark Wahlberg growing up and the odds were stacked against him. ...more

#CrimingWhileWhite #AliveWhileBlack: What the Internet is Saying about Race and Police

Something interesting has been happening on Twitter. In light of the recent acquittals of white police officers in the deaths of black men, there have been quite a few online discussions about the role of race plays in how the law is enforced. The hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite has been trending, along with #AliveWhileBlack....more
Pink Curlers Thank you, I appreciate that! Just trying to capture the myriad of perspectives on ...more

Eric Garner and Police Killings of Black Men: How Can We See Things So Differently?

There’s an old newsroom adage that if you want to get a feel for what people are really thinking about current events, you need to go to the barbershop. Early Wednesday, a New York City grand jury announced its decision not to indict police officer Daniel Pantaleo in the July death of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man who was killed after police attempted to arrest him for selling untaxed cigarettes on the sidewalk. ...more
Judith Liebaert Eric Garner told the police that he couldn't breathe ELEVEN times.  After he ...more

President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration: About Time? Or Too Much?

On Thursday night, President Obama made a long anticipated announcement about immigration reform. After a bipartisan immigration reform bill died in the House of Representatives, the president decided to take an executive action to change the broken immigration system. Image Credit: PBS NewsHour ...more
Bout time. More of course will be needed, but he acknowledges that and is calling on Congress to ...more

Why We Still Need Diverse Books: Lemony Snicket Author's Series of Unfortunate, Racist Jokes

This is why we can’t have diverse books. ...more
What an incredibly thoughtless remark. I guess this guy was going for edgy and failed miserably. ...more

The Enormous Stress of Balancing Work and Family ... and Race

How do race and ethnicity factor into our experiences as women balancing jobs, children, bills, and aging parents? Different employment patterns, caregiving expectations, and job discrimination can factor into experiences with juggling career and family for women of color. Last month, the Center for American Progress (CAP) held a discussion about the added hurdles women of color face while balancing career and family—and it was a fascinating conversation. ...more
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Women and Issues to Watch in the Midterms

While the midterms might lack the pizazz of a presidential election year, they are still important in deciding many state offices and ballot issues, as well as determining the political leanings of Congress, often setting the stage for the next presidential campaign. May 19, 2014 - Frankfort, Kentucky, U.S. - ALISON LUNDERGAN GRIMES campaigns on the eve of the Democratic Senate Primary election in Kentucky.(Credit Image: © Brian Cahn/ZUMA Wire) ...more

5 Brilliant Native American Women to Follow Right Now

During the past year, Native American women have been in the spotlight with their efforts to change the mascots for the Washington DC NFL football team and the Cleveland major league baseball team. In honor of November's Native American Heritage Month, we're featuring some bloggers and social media influencers who are at the forefront of these discussions. ...more
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