State of the Union 2015: The Economy & Working Families Top the President's Speech

[UPDATED 7:20 p.m. PST: President Obama laid out a broad and aggressive agenda for his seventh year in office. Read on for more details and reaction from social media. --Grace] ...more
CreativeBugger Wow, 48 hours isn't very long when your spouse is in the hospital and you have ... more

Golden Globes 2015: Tina, Amy and Margaret Cho with the North Korea Joke That Wouldn't Die

The Golden Globes threw a perfectly Golden Globes awards night. A few rambling, perhaps tipsy speeches here, a few few earnest, perhaps self-involved speeches there, and a lot of inspiration to view the films and shows the Foreign Press Association would like you to be sure to view, Birdman, The Affair, Big Eyes, The Honorable Woman, Jane the Virgin, Transparent, Whiplash, Theory of Everything, Still Alice and Boyhood chief amongst them. ...more
I have such complicated feelings about this. Cho's performance art was just too much of ... more

Here's How American Girl Responded to My Open Letter on Diversity

Good that you heard back from them. Like you, I'll be watching to see if it leads to any ... more

#CrimingWhileWhite #AliveWhileBlack: What the Internet is Saying about Race and Police

Something interesting has been happening on Twitter. In light of the recent acquittals of white police officers in the deaths of black men, there have been quite a few online discussions about the role of race plays in how the law is enforced. The hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite has been trending, along with #AliveWhileBlack....more
Pink Curlers Thank you, I appreciate that! Just trying to capture the myriad of perspectives on ... more

How Women of Twitter Took Down Revolting Pick-Up Artist Julien Blanc

Twitter called out Julien Blanc for racism and sexism ... but how do we know there's not another "pick-up artist" waiting to take his place? ...more
johnlee1111 SamanthaLily I think it's pretty reductive to make blanket statements about Asian ... more

How Women of Twitter Took Down Revolting Pick-Up Artist Julien Blanc

Twitter called out Julien Blanc for racism and sexism ... but how do we know there's not another "pick-up artist" waiting to take his place? ...more
This is such a disturbing subculture! It seems like every few months something bubbles up to the ... more

The Infinite Sadness of Halloween: When Kids Choose Their Own Costumes

I'm feeling like maybe I've done all of this parenting stuff wrong. Maybe every choice I've made, every time I've encouraged our two sons to embrace their individuality, brought me to this point of infinite sadness. I fear there's no going back, there's no hope for change or a bright future. Nope. I've ruined everything. ...more
Let's just make them stay small forever. more

Hong Kong, Ferguson, and What We Can Learn From #OccupyCentral

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong this week to participate in a mass act of non-violent civil disobedience against the Chinese government. ...more
Thanks for calling our attention to the background of all of this, in so many ways... the Asian ... more

Why Title IX is Not Just About Sports and I'm Sure Patsy Mink Would Agree

This summer, I joined other advocates and parents from across the nation at the White House Summit on Working Families in Washington, DC. Among the speakers were President and First Lady Obama, Vice President and Dr. Biden, and dozens of other government, policy, union, and business leaders, many of whom were also working parents....more
Thanks for the reminder. Title IX offices at colleges campuses are also the branch in charge of ... more

Why I Write About Race

" Why do you write so much about race?" It was a question put to me by a reader who also happens to know me personally. She is White and is surprised by some of the things that I have said. I responded that this blog, My so Called Glamorous Life, is about my very unglamorous and normal life. It's my perspective on a lot of things that affect me on an ongoing basis—like being a wife and a mother. Sometimes I post recipes, because I love to bake. Or I write about books, because I love to read, particularly children's and Young Adult books....more
I can relate so much to this post, Lisa. Racism is 2014 is not what many people think of as ... more