And I sneezed while holding my coffee. Quad grande nonfat caramel macchiato all over my chest. Peachy.

And I sneezed while holding my coffee. Quad grande nonfat caramel macchiato all over my chest. Peachy....more
Such a bummer! Tis the season, though. Happy holidays to you! more

Support Women: Say No to the Bo-Tax!

I am an idiot. For almost five months now, I have been worrying that any national health plan that was passed by Congress would not cover abortion services. It turns out that I have been wringing my hands over the exact wrong thing. What really, really, really scares American women - including the president of NOW, Terry O'Neil - are proposals levy an "almost 5%" tax on critical women's health services: breast augmentations, facelifts, tummy tucks and other procedures. Gasp!!!! ...more

I'm confused about taxation and medical procedures.  Are we taxed if we get a lung ... more

hannukah happening: i forgot to prepare anything! i'm so bad:-(

hannukah happening: i forgot to prepare anything! i'm so bad:-(...more
We did we did! Menorah is burning and challah demolished! Needed encouragement. more

Hanukkah for the Jew-ish

It’s the first night of Hanukkah, and I forgot.  I snickered when I read blogger Yulinka's Kitchen description of her community’s response, “This holiday is usually commemorated by saying “Hey, it’s Hanukkah!” on the second of the eight days and then forgetting about the whole thing. “So here’s my challenge for Hanukkah: how do I raise a Jewish child when I am not a religious Jew? How can we learn together?...more

We're interfaith as well.  I really wanted to go to great lengths to prepare a bit of ... more

Supporting the Self Esteem of Others

    Recently, I was sitting with a friend and telling her all about a job interview I had just had. I was talking about how well it went and how much I enjoy the people, and when she asks, "So, do you think you got the job?" I replied with, "Sure I do. I get every job I've interviewed for over the past 10 years." ...more

We blame the self esteem of other women as an assault on our own.  If she had really ... more

Five Frugal Ways to Rock the Yankee Swap

Yankee Swap. White Elephant Gift Exchange. Secret Santa. Gift Pool. Whatever you call it -- whatever cutesy moniker it comes as -- it has a way of resulting in unnecessary stress and expense. The idea is simple: Everyone spends just a little, resulting in fun and happiness for all. The reality is more complicated: It's another shopping "assignment," you don't want to look cheap, and (depending on the setting) people may be judging what you bring to the table. (Ohhhh, fun!) ...more

I'm going to be living by these gift policies all season long, so many thanks.  I was ... more

Staying Grounded in the Face of Big Clients or Big Money

Do you feel intimidated in the face of powerful clients or big money? Have you ever changed your policies or compromised your mode of operation to accommodate a client or employer because they were affluent or yielded power? If you have, you've sold yourself short because of a hidden (or sometimes not so hidden) intimidation factor that happens when you stand in the face of a seemingly powerful force. ...more

As my husband and I grow in our careers, we have been talking a lot about boundaries. ... more

Does "Hit the Bitch" Stop Domestic Violence?

When Nordette Adams, another contributing editor at BlogHer, told me about the Danish anti-violence program, Hit the Bitch, I thought it must be some sort of joke. It wasn't. Nordette had read a post on Feministe, in which the author "hit the bitch" avatar as many as 15 times, watched her cry and cover her bruised face, and then was rated "100% gangsta" when the "bitch" collapsed. As the online abuser observed her status, the words changed. ...more

What a load of crap!  The site is automatically disqualified for titling this ... more

Photo Tips for a Harmonious Holiday

Do you like to take the pictures at the holidays so you won’t be in too many? Yeah, me too. It’s a well known fact - if you are BEHIND the camera, you cannot be in FRONT of it.   If you are the self-appointed photographer during family celebrations, you need to document the event without irritating all your friends and family....more

I love the don't stalk part because that's exactly what happens.  I have a dear uncle ... more

The Lost Girls of Sudan

In my literature class at school, we read What is the What by Dave Eggers. The book is a collaboration between Valentino Achak Deng and Eggers, and capitalizes on the strengths of both men to compellingly portray the saga of one the "Lost Boys of Sudan." (Incidentally, the American Association of University Women chose it for their Adelante! Books of the Month Program.) All proceeds from the book benefit Valentino Achack Deng Foundation, which among many things, built and operates a school in Deng's hometown. The school, importantly, encourages girls to enroll. According to the website, "Currently, less than one percent of girls complete secondary school in Southern Sudan. The Foundation is raising funds to construct a boarding facility, to provide female students with a safe learning environment and an alternative to early marriage." ...more

Eggers continues to address meaty political and social issues.  I just finished reading ... more