Does Motherhood = Loss of Brain Cells


YES!!!! But's temporary!  Another 18 years or so and you'll feel those ... more

Sex?? What now help

so here i am right 16 yrs old and confussed not knowing what to doi know 16 sounds like a little number but ive always ben ahead of my curbbefore i start i must ask that if you post dont judge me, i dont need judgment i need advice or someone to listen i mean its not like i could go to my friends for help what would they know, i need mature help mabe from someone thats going through the same thinq or has in other words ben there done that;So here it goes.....more

I think you need to slow down and save sex for AFTER you and a guy have established a ... more

Are The Holidays Cramping Your Sex Life?

The Holiday Season is looming and our days…and nights…seem to get shorter and shorter with all we have to do.  Family gatherings and house guests, frantic shopping, cards to send, meals to prepare, office parties to attend, costumes to make, school holiday festivities to volunteer for…the list goes on and on. With all this facing you in the next couple of months, when will you find the time to inject romance, seduction and sex into your busy day?  My guess is if you wait for the opportunity to present itself you won’t have another orgasm or sexy night with your mate until sometime early next year.  What a depressing prospect!...more

Thanks Tracy!! 

Maybe between the two of us we can keep sexual satisfaction from ... more

Punch Him, or Fuck Him? Why a Dick is a Terrible Thing to Waste

We all know that guy, the one with the “issues” that we hang out with despite our better judgment. He embarrasses us with his crass language and confrontations at inappropriate times. He irritates us with his racist jokes, sexist remarks, and general lack of literary knowledge. We hate this guy. After every encounter, we vow that this will be the last time. We swear that we will never put ourselves through this miserable interaction again.But then, we look at him....more

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But remember there's one more 'DICK' ... more

Sex Tips! Getting Your Thanks On!

While the traditions of Thanksgiving now center on eating a big dinner and making turkey pictures out of hand prints, this holiday was once actually all about sharing skills and giving thanks for the good things. Obviously they were talking about sex. Okay, fine, it was all about the harvest, but really, I like to think it was all about hot puritan sex. Show me your ankles, you dirty thing. So in the spirit of the stuffing and gravy, here are a few tips to make some bedroom tradition of your own!...more

That was great...and informative in the area that truly satisfies ones hunger.

Thank ... more

I'm supposed to be writing my BlogHer post but instead I'm looking at houses on MLS.

I'm supposed to be writing my BlogHer post but instead I'm looking at houses on MLS. ...more
I love doing that! more

Is Faking an Orgasm Anti-Feminist?

There's a lot going on in my life these days. My apartment is a mess due to renovations that I am convinced will never end; I need a job; I didn't use my time as an unemployed person to write a best-selling book; I don't understand why Americans hate it when people want basic rights and let themselves be co-opted by special interest groups; I feel like I can't read a newspaper without wanting to poke my eyes out (or run away and live as a hermit in a cave); etc., etc. Usually, when I am frustrated, I become completely preoccupied with whatever is stressing me out, and it permeates all areas of my life. However, I've been surprised to find that my libido declared, "carpe diem," and moved ahead despite my typical one track mindedness. ...more

I am of the belief that faking an orgasm on ocassion isn't so wrong for your mate...what does ... more