Ana Fairchild

I'm Ana~ I got married Dec.12, 2009 and the leading man in my life: Todd... read more

Ana Fairchild


I'm Ana~ I got married Dec.12, 2009 and the leading man in my life: Todd Fairchild 2 step kids-Tori is a Junior in High School & Julian is an 8th grader in Middle School. I have 4 dog's Scooter aka Scooter Pooter, Jazmine aka Almond Joy-sometimes you feel like a nut and Pig Pen....messy eater!, Jack aka Lowrider, and Bella- she found us! She's an English Cocker Spaniel. It's all about the challenges & rewards of being a mom and managing a family & home, job, pets, school activities, & helping run a production company & podcast network. Maintain control of a busy life & still have time to pursue my own passions. Along this journey together we can have a life full of passion, purpose, openness to creativity, your heart's desire, writing, explorations of poetry, words of wisdom & experience your true self.

Own & manage Global Stage Media, LLC aka Audios Maximus Network- created w/ a passion for audio engineering, educating, helping others, & entertaining. You can hear our, and


Favorite Movies. * Beaches * Hoosiers * Stand By Me * Honey * Blue Crush * Harry Potter * Lord of the rings, Alice in wonderland, name a few Favorite Music * I like a little bit of everything and I listen to all types of music. It's a given...I'm the wife of a DJ and I like all types of music.: *Janet Jackson * Kenny G * Toni Braxton * Mark Schultz * Kings of Leon * Daughtry * Sevendust * Mongo Jerry * Foo Fighters * Muse * The Cure * Sugarcubes * Smashing Pumpkins * Ken Navarro * Dave Koz * Black Eyed Pea's * Fergie * JLO and Norah Jones Favorite Books * Millionaire Mind * Who Moved My Cheese * How To Win Friends and Influence People * Career Building Through Social Networking