Great Scott!!! Mrs. Jenna Has Your Pop Culture Horoscope

Aries: You’ll realize that bout of déjà vu you had last week wasn’t actually déjà vu when you discover you’ve been reliving every scene from the movie Adventures In Babysitting in real life. Now, time to prepare yourself for having one of your kids scale the Diamond Building in Chicago....more

I May Have Watched "Magic Mike" -- and Liked It.

I’ll start this review with a little back story. Over a month ago, I received an email from a friend saying that on a Saturday in June, she wanted to go see Magic Mike while all of our significant others were attending her fiancee’s bachelor party. I looked up Magic Mike online (having no clue what it was about), laughed for about 20 seconds after reading the plot, closed the email and went on with my day.I mean, REALLY. Who pays to see something so stupid? Channing Tatum? Most days I’m lucky if I remember whether Tatum is his first or last name....more
Poor Kevin Nash, I don't even know what he was doing in this movie. I don't think he even poses ...more

Brace Yourselves: Mercury In Retrograde

Friends.  STOP THE INSANITY!  Mercury is in retrograde this month.  I'm here to make sure you're ready. AriesAugust is a month of fun and happiness for you, dear Aries. But don't get too stoked. You need to make sure you're watching your every step and not reenacting the infamous "sock dance" in Risky Business every night. With Mercury in retrograde, you're more likely to make a mistake. (Read: stop at your second shot of tequila or you'll end up on a stretcher in nothing but a dress shirt.)Taurus...more
Geez!! Nice time to be re-negotiating my mortgage!! Agh!!more

Summer TV is Gonna Rule So Hard. And Also? Vampires!

OK, I’ll admit it…TV and I have kind of been seeing other people lately. The only time I return to my beauteous LED is to watch Game of Thrones on HBO, which is ending soon for this season. (Did you see that last episode? WTF? But I digress.)HOWEVER, you guys? TV is about to get ALL SORTS OF AWESOME in the next few weeks. Well, that is, if you're into the shows I'm into. And you should be....more

Totally Team Eric!

It's been a tough few weeks without House and Selling New York and Top ...more

Admitting defeat is the first step towards…

I was going to say “winning,” but after you finish reading the contents of this post, I didn’t want anything that might make me sound like Charlie Sheen. Maybe I’ll say victory. I haven’t been to seen the Magic Doctor (read: therapist) since before Christmas. I haven’t mentioned her here since September. Honestly, things felt better. I haven’t had an anxiety stomach since I don’t even know when. I’ve been happy with my job and not so worried about being a stay at home mom....more

THE CROUP! Part 2, and I can’t believe it’s only been 8 days.

First. THE CROUP! It’s strikes again! “But Jenna!” you exclaim, “it’s only been less than 4 weeks since she had it!” Why YES, internets, you’re correct! So, imagine my surprise when we ended up in the ER at nearly 11pm Sunday night with our Abbers and the worst stridor we’ve seen. Poor girl was so tired and feverish and couldn’t sleep because we were in a noisy ER with drunk fools and other kids with respiratory problems....more

I'm breaking up with online shopping.

I know, I know. Really, I’m okay. I’m not having a psychological break, nor do you need to phone the authorities. I’ve thought this through, and it needs to happen. When I was pregnant, I started browsing sites like and When something seemed useful, I’d buy it. Abby was born, and I joined Gilt Groupe, One Kings Lane, Zulily, Mini Social…the list goes on and on. Instead of buying things I needed to prepare for a baby, I started to buy things that were cute. That I convinced myself she (or I) would need....more