6 Free iPhone Apps to Get Tiny Techies Learning Outdoors

My educational philosophy is that a genuine, physical connection generates the best learning opportunities. Children can use all of their sense to explore, ask questions, and perform experiments in the giant laboratory of the natural world. ...more

just downloaded Project Noah for Charlie.



The Return From Iraq: When Coming Home Is Not Homecoming

Intact. We use it when “things” are “not broken,” when they are still “working.” And we use it sometimes to gloss over the hidden fissures…the cracks that deepen under stress and strain. My husband returned from Iraq on October 31, 2006 -- four and a half years ago. My husband, for whom I had waited so many months, came home but he never had a homecoming. He returned intact but with a crucial piece missing -- his men. ...more

Thank you everyone for your supportive words! This was almost as tough to share as it was to ...more