Ed Bradley, CBS News Reporter, 1941-2006

Ed Bradley, a long-time reporter for CBS News whose portfolio ranged from uncovering the killing fields of Cambodia to interviews with notables ranging from mass murderer Timothy Mc Veigh to megacelebrities such as Patti Labelle and Tiger Woods, died today of complications of leukemia, according to news reports. ...more

I had the pleasure of meeting Ed Bradley in 1984 during the presidential debates in New ... more

Getting Oldher

Okay, it says I've been a member for three weeks, but you probably haven't noticed me because I still can't figure out how Blogher works. :-) No fault of the site, I'm sure. I must be getting old. I used to figure such things out in minutes. In any case, I'm happy to be here and heard about Blogher when one of your members, someone I don't know, mentioned me in a blog post about who she'd like to see at the Blogher Conference. I didn't see the post until after the conference. ...more

All of those years of spanish I took back in the 70s has paid off 30 years later (not ... more