Gender Stereotypes

I will fully admit buying in to the traditional pink and purple gender stereotyping when I was pregnant with the twins. I mean, the first thing my mom and I did after finding out I was having twin girls was drop a loan of cash at Babies R Us on frilly outfits. But watching my kids grow, and letting them voice their own opinions, has greatly changed my outlook on gender stereotyping. ...more

Create Your Own Beef Stew Seasoning

Beef Stew is really one of my go-to recipes in the cold months (well, really, it's just a few weeks here in SC, lol). However, I noticed to price of the McCormick slow cooker season packets increased from about $.60 each, to around $2. Seeing that I'd like to keep my meals as cheap as possible, I figured I'd try my hand at making my own seasoning. ...more

Fall Family Fun Checklist

I love fall. The crisp air, fall colors, warm sweaters, and pumpkin everything. During the fall, I try to get my family to do as many fall-ish things as possible. This year, I came up with a list - and am already half way through it. What about you & your family? Any great traditions?  ...more

Crockpot Swiss Chicken Casserole

Ok, y'all. This is by far the easiest and most delicious recipe in my meal plan rotation. I mean, there's a reason my husband married me, and that my blog has gotten well over 90k hits from Pinterest from this one, lol....more

Buffalo Chicken Soup Recipe

With the crisp fall weather in the mornings here (even though it's in the high 80s in the afternoon), my mind has wandered to all things fall - chili, pumpkins, cinnamon, and soups. One of my absolute favorites is one that I originally found online, and have tweaked to make it work for us. With a little prep help from, I'm able to just pop out some frozen shredded chicken and chicken broth to make this in a jiffy. Ingredients: ...more