5 Ways to Help Your Teen Find What Makes His Brain Light Up

When your teenager with ADHD or ADD heads off to high school, both of you may feel anxious. School can be difficult for anyone, and most people have no desire to be back in high school. But for your kids with attention deficit disorder, back to school is stressful. ...more

When Parents Think They Can Go on Vacation

When is it ok to leave little kids and go on a long vacation -- a 17-month old baby, a 2-year old, a 4-year old and a 6-year old -- for 9 days?  And I am not talking about leaving your kids with grandparents when it is a necessity; I'm talking about leaving young children with a caretaker with whom they have no relationship when you have a choice.  According to "Early Childhood Today," young children do not understand the concept of "time" -- that mommy and daddy will be back in nine days....more
I couldn't agree with you more! Today's parents seem to be putting their needs far and above ...more

Off Broadway

  Mormon missionaries are depicted in Broadway musicals, but really they serve off Broadway. It's a lot of work, but most young adults that serve have experiences that help them see beyond their own backyard. Read More....       ...more
Wonderful post! I LOVED my missionaries and appreciated them very much.more

The Hottie Hot Hot Flash

 All this talk about getting old, is getting old. There's no fountain of youth and we all get older. My mom complained about hot flashes way before I understood what the  hoopla was all about. Until you have a hot flash, it doesn't sound like much. Read More... ...more

Abortion, Mormons, and Mitt Romney

Mormons are different from Catholics and Evangelical Christians and maybe other Christians. We believe that a woman may be justified in seeking abortion, if she has been raped, or if her life is in jeopardy, or the child is so severely deformed, he/she will not survive birth. Mormon, abortion and Mitt Romney read more....more
@Lucy's Reality Thanks, you are right, many of the religious issues should be left at home, but ...more

Girl's PE




The battle of the breast-feeding baby doll