Talking to Daughers About Their Bodies: A Response of Sorts

I don’t generally address posts that have gone viral or news stories meant to make a stir, like the “Are You Mom Enough” cover of Time from a few years back. It’s just not my style.But last week and friend sent me the link to a post called “How to Talk to Your Daughter About Her Body.” I love that she sent it to me. There’s a lot of really empowering stuff in there, a lot that I do want to model for my kids. Less talk about not eating carbs, and more consistent cooking of healthy meals, and overall well-being and so on....more

Everything's fine, but something's wrong.

 That's what depression feels like for me....more

Kiddie Art: Watercolors with Glue and Salt

Welp, it's exactly mid-January, and unless you live in Hawaii, there's a good chance you're getting as stir crazy as we've been around here. A quick recap:We moved during the last week of December.Unpacked for a week or so.Eliza got sick and took Liv with her, so we were home-bound while Duff was out of town for 4 nights.We all got better, and the sky dumped rain, rain, and more rain on us for another full week.Which brings us  to...ah, yes. Today. What are we to do in this, the bleak midwinter? ...more

Dropping the Final Nap. Or, The Day the Music Died.

Dark days are upon us in the James household. And I'm not talking about the RSV and Pneumonia that had Eliza hacking her way through last week. (All the Ladies James got version of the illness. We're better now.)I'm talking about the fact that LIV HAS DROPPED HER NAP.Lemme say that again. My daughter is no longer taking regular naps....more

Word of the Year: Rest

As we turned the corner into 2013, I noticed a lot of internet attention on picking a word of the year. Post after post about how people felt about the word they'd chosen the year before, and what word had settled in their hearts this time. I'm not really into doing big, new things at the beginning of a year. No resolutions or anything like that, it's just not my jam. So I had no intention of picking a word.But the idea kept crawling back into my head.If I were to pick a word, hypothetically, what would it be?And why would that matter?   ...more

The Willpower Instinct

I've been wanting to participate in the BlogHer Book Club for a while now, and while I pictured reading some novel I'd never heard of, instead I was selected to read The Willpower Instinct by Dr. Kelly McGonigal. Which is kind of perfect. Dr....more

And now, a word about our home.

We moved into our new home, and people keep asking me about it. "How's the new casa? Are you LOVING it? What's your favorite part?" And so on. We are thrilled to finally be in. For months, when I thought about this place I pictured walking in the door and faceplanting with a dramatic "woooosh." Collapsing into our home. It's been a long road. When we signed our year-long lease at our apartment, we asked if there was a penalty for breaking it, because we wanted to look at houses right away. In the end, we were there for a year and a half....more

" me stay openhearted..."

**I know that others have, can, and will write better words about what happened in Newtown. I also know that it's okay for me to process. To weep with those who weep. To commit to honoring what was lost by honoring what I have.** My prayer: Send love & light to those in pain and help me stay openhearted while I manage my own fear & anger. -Brene Brown We're all processing, right?...more

Look Mommy, Strangers!

A few weeks ago I was leaving the gym with the kids and Liv asked to go by the pool on the way out. There's a window where you can watch people swim and she loves it, especially when the lifeguards see her and wave. So we sat there for a minute, both of them with their hands and foreheads pressed on the glass. As we turned to leave, a friendly older man came by and smiled at them, then asked if he could give them a high-five. I said yes, and they all "fived" before we started to walk out....more
@TheKitchenWitch This is a super late reply, but I like this idea! We used to have a code word ...more

Advent with Toddlers

So, fellow Adventers, how's it working out for you? Soon after I posted about Advent last week, I felt a need for transparency in how this all plays out. You see, I'm kind of an Advent rookie, and I'm not great with crafts or planned activities for my kids. So sitting down to plan a month of reading and playing together left me feeling uncharacteristically prepared and excited. But I'm also a realist. My favorite James family motto is "Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly." So we'll try sticking with an Advent calendar this year, and we'll give ourselves the freedom to do it poorly....more
As a tip from a non-crafter: Advent doesn't have to be about crafts. It's about whatever you ...more