My Scheduling Snafu = Your Chance for a BlogHer 15 Full Pass

I bought my ticket to BlogHer months ago. The train into the city is one of my greatest treats, four hours of time to sit, write, and read. It also allows my husband time with our girls. I couldn't have known then that my work schedule would ramp up and that a major project for an important client would require my presence.  ...more
LaPecosaPreciosa Do you have a ticketmore

Staging Happiness

Over the weekend the girls and Sean performed in a local production of The Secret Garden. Sean had done the show twenty years ago with Youththeatre, an activity that played a central role in his childhood and that he has shared with the girls by taking them to productions in the summer. We’ve always wondered if they’d get the theatre bug, with Sean and I having met through theatre and their Papa having a career in theatre....more

Separation Anxiety: When Everyone Else Is Divorcing

The girls have been struggling with a kind of separation anxiety lately. There have been more than five announcements of separations/divorce from couples they know over the last year. When it first began, it was easy enough to gently explain that sometimes, like with being sisters, you need to get a little space or take a break. They would nod softly, ask if Sean and I were okay, and then move on to the next thing. I was hanging out with Finley one day and she said, “Mom, do I have a stepmom?” ...more
My husband and I had a really bad fight a few weeks ago, and then we were driving somewhere and ...more

Stumbling Upon Effortless Joy on a Backyard Investigation

“I guess I am just not going to have an investigation today.” There was no guile, it was simply the youngest in the pack knowing when her sisters can’t be persuaded. She began to use one foot to nudge a Croc off by the sliding glass door. I set the dish towel down, turned the oven off and said, “You know what? I feel like investigating. Can you show me how?” ...more
Beautiful. It is often so hard to disconnect from our adult/parent tasks and just BE with our ...more

Never Been a Planner

I remember when we were putting our wedding together people said,“So what were you thinking?”I would stammer, all I was thinking was, “I just want to marry him. Isn’t that enough?”I didn’t have an iron clad vision of just how things needed to be, because in a sense they were already perfect—he’d asked me to marry him and I had said yes. Everything that was bound to follow the proposal was what I wanted, so I didn’t let the planning of the wedding bother or overwhelm me....more

Truth Hurts

A couple of months ago I made plans to take a day off to take Finley and her sisters, on the last pre-k field trip of the year. I had the niggling suspicion that things would not go as planned. Sure enough, my schedule at work started to grind and churn, each day feeling more and more like a log jam bearing down on me. When the field trip day came I made sure that everyone still wanted to go....more

Is that really me?

I was standing with my back against a brick wall and talking to a colleague. The dressing room mirror shone in the afternoon light and I could see my reflection as she asked, “You ok? This whole thing is aging you. It really is, I mean you can see it,” and she motioned at my face as she shook her head. The whole thing was so over the top it felt like a bad sit-com....more

The Every Day Challenge

I’ve been quietly cataloging the proliferation of things like 30day challenges that I see floating around everywhere from Instagram to Pinterest to Facebook. I love the idea of having a smorgasbord of options from which to choose how to improve oneself, but I think we are getting overloaded. Organize your house, tone your abs, be assertive, find forgiveness, love generously, work efficiently…we spend so much time gathering ways to improve, that I don’t think we actually give ourselves the chance to do much improving....more

In What World?

In what world would you ever justify a crime by laying blame on the victim?If I leave my front door unlocked does it give someone permission to come inside?If the door is thrown wide open does that mean that anyone is invited to come and take whatever they’d like?If there is a can of spray paint sitting next to the garage door which has already been vandalized with “Wash me” is permission granted to spray paint my car?...more

The Way It Is

A few months ago we went to a fundraiser for a local organization called Art in the Public Eye.Sean and I walked around scanning the silent auction items before bidding on a few different things, one of which was a family fun pack for three hours at a Lake George Arcade. I think somehow the idea of bidding on (and winning) a kid-friendly item tempered the guilt of another late night out without them. The certificate has been on the side of the fridge ever since....more