Does 'Headless' Chicken Breeding Eliminate Issues of Animal Cruelty?

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Who Would You Rather Work For: Apple or McDonald's?

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No Olive Oil, No Pepper, No Sugar: Can a Restaurant Be TOO Local?

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Booking Bots Create a Black Market for Restaurant Reservations

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The Government Shutdown Diet

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How Many Ways Can You Say Sugar?

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The 10 Commandments of Italian Food

The Italians are real sticklers when it comes to mealtime.They’re particular about what they eat, how they they eat it, and what they eat and drink with it. There are rules about the time of year and the time of day, who’s in the kitchen and who’s at the table, how a dish is prepared and how it’s served. There’s no room for compromise and heaps of scorn for rule breakers....more
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Eat Your Veggies--For Dessert!

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Guns in Starbucks and Other Fun Facts

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'Pink Slime' Worms Its Way Into School Lunches

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