NY Fashion Week GreenShows: Beautiful Styles with an Eco Twist

What do New York Fashion Week, a sheep sanctuary in Britain, and destruction of the Indonesian rainforest have in common? The GreenShows, the first semi-annual fashion event "exclusively committed to eco-friendly, ethically sound, fair-trade fashion in New York City." Check out this video from Wallet Pop:  ...more

I'm going through my design process now for my next collection and it is finally getting ... more

National Sewing Month: ReMake

The themes of National Sewing Month are to ReUse, ReMake and ReStyle.  This week, I will be looking at ideas and inspiration for ReMaking items.  ...more

I love this movement.  I try to re-use whatever I can in my sewing projects.  One ... more

Can Clothing Be Green & Fashion-Forward Too?

Meet my new favorite top. Ever since my lunch with Tim Gunn at BlogHer '09 this summer (yeah, I won that contest), I've been trying to upgrade my image. Tim suggested I stay away from pastels, wear V-necks (which this top, unfortunately is not), and show off my "perfect hourglass figure." Oh, yes he did. And shortly after that lunch, Green LA Girl Siel Ju advised me to stop dressing in such baggy clothing. Maybe not in those exact words. Fine. But my new style has got to be not only flattering but green, and I'm not talking about dye. So, what makes clothing "green"? ...more

Great post, like most things the more you know the more responsible decisions you can make. ... more