Upcycled Glass Jar Luminaries for Halloween

Not to be a Halloween Scrooge or anything but it boggles my mind that Americans spent about $7 billion dollars last Halloween. It'll probably be higher this year and yes, that could be equivalent to a GDP of a small country....more
@sugardishme That's great! No waste and cheap too!more

Upcycle a Tin Can Lid into a Travel Size Tic Tac Toe Board Game

Earth Day is on April 22nd and what's a better way to spend the day than crafting a handmade  board game with your kids? Not only are you teaching them about the value of handmade but you are helping them make a game that uses no electricity or batteries. You can create this fun travel-friendly game for your summer vacation trips!...more
 @dinnertimechimes Yes! Any plastic caps or even glass bottle caps are perfect too! more

What would do if you have less than five months to live?

That's how long my elderly neighbor has to live - less than five months. She won't celebrate Christmas this year. OK, so, I am being very blunt today and a tad bit cynical but if you are my facebook friend, you know what kind of a week I had. I don't mean to start the weekend with this grim thought but let me tell you a little background on this story. And yes, this has something to do with you too and later, I'll tell you what I am doing to prevent me from having to answer this question....more

Handmade for Earth Day 2010 Auction by Team EcoEtsy

  Team EcoEtsy started its Handmade for Earth Day auction today.   ...more