Nie Asks: What Picture Do You NEED Me to See?

What picture do you need to share with us? I want to see it! Check out this picture that my 11-year-old daughter Claire took with my phone. Now your turn: Leave a link to your favorite photo of the moment in the comments! ...more
Love-Love this picture of ... more

Life Well Lived Moments Sweepstakes: Share A Moment - Enter to Win $250

What is a Life Well Lived Moment to you? Is it when you feel confident because you’re looking your best? Does it happen when you’re feeling buttoned up, organized and on top of the world? Or does it come when you feel happy, content and in charge of your life? Whatever that moment, whenever it comes, however it looks to you -- we want to hear about it! Please share your Life Well Lived Moment below in the comments* to be entered to win a $250 Visa gift card. ...more
Yesterday was a life well lived moment--Yesterday afternoon I told my husband he had to hurry up ... more

Bloggers Visit Sheraton Hotels & Resorts. Win a trip of your own!

me, my hubby and 8 kiddos would love to stay in San Diego. In a Suite....YES!!! I think Mommy ... more