Hi everyone!  I’m Karlynn Johnston, also known as The Kitchen Magpie. I live and blog from Edmonton, Alberta CanadaI'm a full time blogger who's miraculously managed to make a living doing so and grateful for it every single day! 

I collect recipes, shiny kitchen toys, pretty retro kitchenware and restaurant experiences like a magpie. At any given time in my house, you can find a random assortment of scraps of paper with recipe ideas strewn about the kitchen, something bubbling – or burning- on the stove and always,always I tell you, one gigantic mother of a mess.

My kitchen is my nest, where you will find me fluffing my creative feathers, retreating into my cookbooks with a cup of tea and always thinking of the next creation I am going to attempt.

If there’s one thing that’s certain, I haven’t learned half of what I would like to know and usually don’t know most of what I talk about.