I'll Dig a Tunnel From My Window to Yours

The blogging has been light lately, hasn't it? Life kind of takes over sometimes. I'll be doing something like traveling, or planting flowers, or holding someone's baby or hanging out with friends and think, I really should write a blog about this, it's wonderful, I should share. ...more

#44: Touring the Universe

1103-UnionStation-0198 Photo by Joe Sands (My favorite from the day!) ...more

Taking Back Feminist


Small, Delightful Acts of Kindness

I've had a lot on my mind lately. My brain is full with long term planning decisions, chewing on my petty jealousies and thinking too much of the unfairness of life. (Earthquakes, devastation, violent political revolutions, union busting, and of course my own personal shit.) I tend to get sucked into the vortex of my own over-thinking and general ennui on occasion. I've had a nasty sinus thing since Sunday night, felt bedraggled and achy and lethargic and from there it's a quick slide into the mopes. These are short term mopes but still, the mopes taste bland and gray and interminable....more

Happy Birthday, Little Brother

My younger brother turns thirty one on Tuesday. ...more

Fell Off the Wagon So Hard I've Got Bruises

Last night I put three cupcakes down the garbage disposal. ...more

Delicious #31

Moderate Social Drinkers

We went to Omaha last weekend. The side effects of this trip often include fun and CRV dance parties.  Let me detail it for you, because, you know, that's what I'm here for. ...more

Chicks for Free

  No, he didn't play "Money for Nothing" and that was a good thing. Because though that song may be his most famous, Mark Knopfler is a long, long way from the '80's heyday of Dire Straits. And he's a better, more original, honest musician for it. ...more