Poached Monkfish with Whisky Apple Curry Sauce

Can a man be both macho and metro-sexual at the same time? Rugged, yet delicate? Serious, yet playful? Quiet, yet expressive? Unapproachable, yet relaxed? Every time I sip a single malt Scotch whisky on the rocks, I imagine a tough man in a dark suit transforming into a stylish man full of vibrant personality. When my husband, a single malt Scotch whisky lover, first handed me a glass of his favorite whisky with ice for a taste, I thought he was torturing me with an alcohol more potent than cough medicine. My immediate reaction was “YUCK”....more

Grilled Pork Belly Marinated with Green Tea, White Wine & Ancho Chili Olive Oil

Known for its fresh, bittersweet, earthy flavors, green tea seems to be getting increasingly popular as a flavoring ingredient for many desserts ranging from ice cream to cake to chocolate....more

Oyster Pilaf

Romantic dinner for two? How about some oysters on Valentine’s Day? Being known for increasing sex hormones and testosterone, oysters are widely believed to be an aphrodisiac. Personally, oysters don’t quite work like “Viagra” for me, but I absolutely adore them. Tasty and elegant, they are great for special occasions like Valentine’s Day....more

Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Saffron Rice & Mushroom

While walking through the Muir Woods wearing my leggings and a black top, I met a friendly hiker on the trail who invited me to a fancy dinner. At the end of the walk, I started going through my bag to find something dressy to wear for the dinner....more


On New Year’s Eve, we received a pleasantly surprising invitation from our neighbor, Lori, to come over and share a pot of her delicious Bouillabaisse....more

Curried Chicken Lentil Pilaf

In a wonder of nature, I was stunned by the sight of hundreds of elephant seal pups filling the sandy beach between the surf and brown cliffs with their gray, cylindrical bodies and cute round faces at the Año Nuevo State Park....more

Ancho Pumpkin Yogurt Cake with Dark Chocolate Chips

When you want to reduce the calories and saturated fat in your home-made cakes, what kind of healthy alternatives to butter do you usually consider?  While I’ve heard of people substituting butter with healthy oils, avocado puree or apple sauce, I learned that ...more

Mumbain Chickpea Battered Fried Potato Balls (Batata Vada)

The older I get, the more I see that life is about journeys and not destinations. While walking our paths up and down through many seasonal changes, we say “good bye” to a lot of the people who we love. Luckily, we often see them again at a new one of life’s cross-roads. Last week I had the surprising pleasure to reconnect with some of my childhood friends from 30 years ago. Getting back in touch with them felt like opening a gift box filled with favorite childhood collections that I had forgotten about....more

Sherry Chicken Chickpea Stew

At my sister’s glamorous wedding many years ago at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, I felt my head spinning. Surrounded by a picture perfect wedding, I watched my sister and her husband going around hundreds of tables and thanking each guest with perfect smile on their faces. At the end of her wedding, I just couldn’t imagine how tired she must have been, standing, smiling and talking to so many unfamiliar faces that she hardly knows....more

FLOSS Pacific NW Cuisine: Pan-Fried Wild-Caught Salmon

Last month I went to the Pacific Northwest and practiced my FLOSSing. It didn’t involve my teeth or a dentist. “Fresh Local Organic Sustainable Seasonal”-ing is a natural way of living in the rugged, luscious, green Pacific North West....more