VIDEO: Watch the #ObamaTownHall Meeting with Lisa Stone and President Obama Now

A couple of days ago, BlogHer co-founder and SheKnows Chief Community Officer Lisa Stone broke the news: The President wanted to hear from women about their experiences with money, jobs, and the struggle to get ahead. And the White House wanted Lisa to moderate that conversation, in a Town Hall Meeting in Charlotte, NC. ...more
So proud of Lisa Stone and BlogHer for this incredible event!  Doesn't happen very often, but ... more

Best, Worst and WTF Moments from the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

Amy, Tina, Joaquin, Melissa, JLD, Leo, Julia, Meryl, Bryan, Diddy, Taylor, Robin, Bono and Matthew "all right all right all right" McConaughey. Last night was a party for me and a few of my best friends. And by best friends I mean Twitter, because watching an awards show is only fun if you can hashtag it with the rest of the binge-watchers of the world. Live television is social, and during the Golden Globes we are united in our dislike of Ryan Seacrest, our exuberance for all things Meryl Streep and our nostalgia for the days when U2 were rockstars. ...more
Great re-cap!  I loved the surprise of Elizabeth Moss winning for Top of the Lake (in my opinion ... more

Why Did the 2013 Emmys Suck So Bad?

Bummer. I was so excited for the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards, especially with Neil Patrick Harris as host. But the show was not a triumph. It feel as flat as a tuxedo cummerbund wound tight against Hollywood Man Spanx.  What went wrong? Why did the Emmys suck? Probably too little Tina and Amy, to start with. Well, boring performances by Carrie Underwood (singing the Beatles what?) and Sir Elton John (who I adore, but... ) did not help. ...more
Another high point....Kevin Spacey's in character House of Cards speech in the beginning.  But ... more

Snarking About Fugly Dresses at the Emmys

The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards will be held Sunday night. I'm tuning in for sure. I have favorite shows and actors to cheer and betting pools to win or lose. ...more
Can't WAIT to see NPH host the Emmys!  I missed last year because I was out of the country.  ... more

Fall Television Premieres 2013: Everything Old is New Again

In 1978, the crop of new shows on broadcast TV consisted of robots, cops, detectives, lawyers, moms, girl buddies, boy buddies, and Robin Williams (Mork and Mindy). In 2013, the new fall TV series will include…the same exact thing. It’s back to the future time, everybody! Image: Fox ...more
The very fact that a retro sit-com with a laugh track can exist in the same universe as ... more

Geeking Out Over British Television

I have been a nerd since before it was hip to call yourself a nerd. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Luke Skywalker was my husband, I researched dinosaurs for fun, and I still wear glasses. What’s worse, is I am a total fangirl for British television. Perhaps it’s the actors or puffy shirts, but my most favorite television is the British-kind.Just to satisfy my excitement and share that with you, here is what to watch and when to watch! ...more
Last Tango in Halifax which just premiered on PBS also has great potential!  On a sort of ... more

"Never, Ever Give Up!" Diana Nyad Swims 52 Hours from Cuba to Key West, Attaining Lifelong Dream at 64

I'm crying as I refresh the tweet stream flooded with excitement and encouragement for endurance swimmer Diana Nyad. She did it, swimming more than 103 miles over 52 hours, with minimal protection, after 35 years of holding this goal. A phenomenal achiever, pushing past countless barriers and failed attempts, Diana is a triumphant 64-year-old serving as testament to endurance, strength, and determination. ...more
She is heroic and an inspiration on every level.  As a woman, as a senior citizen, as a superb ... more

Labor Day Style Poll: What Fashion Rules Will You NOT Break?

Labor Day is upon us, and though the long-abandoned fashion rule of "Never wear white after Labor Day" seems as quaint as a violet posy, someone always brings it up right about now. And then a discussion usually ensues about how following fashion rules at all has been one-upped by the fashion rule of NOT following any fashion rules. For example: Mix your prints? Hells to the yeah. ...more
If you have a body (and hair!) like Solange's, you could wear feet pajamas and a tin foil hat ... more

Things Not to Say to My Grieving Friend Sam

It’s ok if people think we’re crazy.Grief is a solitary journey.And it changes us and confuses many people around us (mostly because grief is very misunderstood in our society).And time?Time will not heal this gaping hole in my heart.Image: jillyspoon via Flickr ...more
This is all excellent advice.  I just attended a funeral for a much loved older family member ... more

Poll: Do You Have Friends of a Different Race?

A recent poll conducted by Reuters reports that many Americans have no friends of a race other than their own. It’s not that surprising, given the dramatically different ways people have reacted to recent events such as the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting, or even last week’s Twitter trend #solidarityisforwhitewomen. ...more
@Lisa Stone My oldest and best friend is also descended from Russian Jews.  Mazel tov, Lisa! :) more