Individual Pavlova's

We love the pavlova meringue cake in our house, but my least favorite part is cutting the cake and serving it because it kinda just breaks apart and doesn't make a pretty presentation....more

Our Family Trip to Disney's Aulani Resort

We recently took a family Vacation to Hawaii. We stayed at Disney’s newest resort,...more

10 year anniversary!

A few days ago, Hubby and I celebrated ten years of marriage. Ten years is a wonderful milestone and I am so thankful at where we are right now. ...more

Packing Carry On Bags (with kids)....

We are going to Hawaii! I am so excited, but also worried and anxious for the flight. This will be our first time flying with 3 kids (7, 4 and 1 year old) ....more

Month in Review...

I can not believe how fast February has flew by. Sure, it is the shortest month of the year, but I still can not believe that tomorrow is the first day of March....more

Valentines Day 2015

I hope you all had a great Valentines day! We loved celebrating our love to one another this Valentines Day. Off course we don't need a special day to tell each other we love them, but it is a nice little reminder that we should take the time to do something special for one another ....more

Current Skincare Routine

As some of you may know, I am really into skincare. Ever since I got my first job 10 years ago, I started buying skincare products, so I have tried my share of products to this day, I have a lot of favorites and there is still so much I want to try....more

Baby Shoes//

I hope you had a great past week and an even better weekend. To be honest, the last few days have been on the rougher side for me. Baby William has been very fussy, which I am blaming teething on, because he is truly a sweet little baby (those darn molars!), I have had constant back pain, and its feeling like I can not keep up with everything I want to do ....more

A little sunshine in January.....

Here, in the rainy NW, we are programed to crave sunshine, so as soon as it stops raining and the gray clouds disappear we rush outdoors as if to soak up as much sunshine we can before the angry clouds return. It felt great get some fresh air, and it was William's first time at the park since he started walking. Which made me realize that he doesn't have any water proof shoes, sure mocs are cute, but not very practical in this weather (when the grass is soaking wet), which means we need to go shoe shopping for the little guy ....more

Family Room Updated

I have been doing some tweaking in the family room, all because of a rug. Yep, a rug....more