Nie Asks: What Cheers You Up When You're Sick?

I have been so sick lately. When you are sick, what cheers you up? I lie on my bed and read to my baby girl. Seems to get my mind off myself and my woes. Tell me what you do -- I want to know! ...more
Cuddling to watch a movie. Lately we've been watching old episodes of Little House on the ...more

Nie Asks: What's Your Favorite Soft Drink?

What is your beverage of choice? We like Italian soda with citrus flavors: aranciata and limonata. What about you? What do you reach for? Tell me in the comments. ...more
We don't drink soft drinks much. I like Izze - grapefruit.   Otherwise at any old place root ...more

Nie Asks: Do You Blow Out Birthday Candles?

Do you and your loved ones blow birthday candles out still? Or is that a dying tradition? What's your favorite birthday tradition? Tell me: I want to know! ...more
We do, but my youngest just turned 5. I couldn't find the matches, or a lighter. I had him ...more

Nie Asks: Who's Been Nice to You This Week?

What is the nicest thing someone has done for you this week? Some very nice soul sent our family some gift certificates! Thank you! Now: What's the nicest thing someone's done for you ... or have you done something nice yourself? Tell me -- I want to know! ...more
I backed my car into a truck 2 weeks ago. My 7 year old offered to pay for the accident. He ...more

Nie Asks: Are You Excited About Spring?

What makes you most excited about spring? I am excited to open my windows up in my bedroom to hear the birdies! Now your turn: Are you looking forward to spring? Has it sprung where you are? Tell me what you're excited about -- I want to know! ...more
I was so excited about being the Easter Bunny! I just love setting up the scavenger hunts. Clues ...more

Nie Asks: What Are Your Saturdays Like?

What are your Saturdays like? Mr. Nielson makes whole wheat waffles with fruit and brings them to me in bed. I really want to know, so tell me in the comments -- I enjoy reading your input! ...more
I'm a hairstylist so I work on Saturdays.  I love your bangs!!!!! :)more

Nie Asks: How Do You Deal With Hard Things?

When hard things happen in the news or personally, how do you deal with it? I hold, hug, and kiss my babies. Your turn: I want to know! ...more
I am 53 so consider my perspective in answering. First, after struggling to explore "better ...more

Nie Asks: What Picture Do You NEED Me to See?

What picture do you need to share with us? I want to see it! Check out this picture that my 11-year-old daughter Claire took with my phone. Now your turn: Leave a link to your favorite photo of the moment in the comments! ...more
Your daughter's picture made me laugh. I'm late to this picture party, but here's one of my ...more

Nie Asks: Who Do You Love?

It's Valentine's Day week! Who do you love? I love this guy in the photo. Your turn: Tell me who (and why!) in the comments. I want to know! ...more
I look for what I'm suppose to be learning, from what I'm going through. Sometimes the answers ...more

Nie Asks: How Do You Feel Today?

It is February already! How do you feel? Baby Lottie is definitely feeling ... something. Your turn: Tell me how you're feeling today. I want to know! ...more
Hi Nie - Okay first off - how cute is little Missy Lottie.  Those cheeks, agh, when you get done ...more