Cheeto Fingers

This morning, like each morning, Lottie usually joins me in the shower. I noticed this morning Lottie had brought her octopus in to play. She filled up a small bowl and added soap....more

A House to Honor God

Last Night Mr. Nielson and I took Claire and Jane to the open...more

God's Plan

Every Thursday we feed the construction workers who are working nearby our home, and we try to teach them about Jesus Christand God's beautiful plan for each of His children. Some laugh at us. Some make fun of us ....more

Will you?

I took a few more steps with my "secret project" today. I am so excited and I can't wait to finally unveil it! I am getting closer, but I am still not close enough to share details ....more


Lottie ran out of steam at 4:47 this afternoon....more

Queen Mother

Last week we celebrated my mother....more


( Topher, Mom, Lucy, Page, Matt, Stevie, Jesse, Andrew, Courtney, Me) Today is my Mom's 70th birthday....more

A safe home.

Lottie has been skipping out of naps lately.Actually, I should I say; I haven't been putting her down for formal naps....more


I trimmed my basil plant today with Lottie's help....more

Spring Break at the Ranch 2015

Mr. Nielson and I took the Little Nies (and cousin Lydia)...more