Faith in something larger than myself.

From 10-noon (MDT) TODAY, I will be chatting through Mormon.Org Please join us! Go HERE * * * * * * * (This is my final Idaho post from last week's adventure) While on the BYU-Idaho campus, we enjoyed a lovely tour of the university. They sold Claire ....more

Q & A in Idaho

Last week, Mr. Nielson and I packed up the car...more

Homecoming 2016

I grew up just across the street from BYU campus which means...more

Beauty for Ashes BYU-I

Today whilst making dinner I realized that I needed a fewmore ingredients. ...more

GRAND Tetons

This morning, I woke up and saw this out my window: Gorgeous, beautiful, breathtaking AUTUMN! What gorgeous surroundings at the...more

Sometimes The Little Nies get to come.

(Warming up before my speech...with the Little Nies in the empty auditorium.) Yesterday I addressed the amazing students at BYU-Idaho. When I get back to Fox Hill, I will write more about the day,...more


Today I am addressing the students at BYU-Idaho. I am looking forward to sharing my story and the ...more

Napping in the Fox Den

Where was Lottie for almost two hours on Saturday? She was under the stairs in the "Fox Hole" fast asleep. ...more

A Birthday for Gigs

(October 2009. ...more


Today my Nicholas Jones Nielson (Gigs) turns TEN!!!! Mr. Nielson and I think that Nicholas was born in the wrong decade ....more