{Mr. Nielson and I are hosting a chat room again today...more


H ...more

Princess Castles

Over the weekend my sister-in-law Lisa hosted a bridal shower for my niece Lindsay. Lindsay will be getting married in the Provo, Utah Mormon Temple on Saturday. ...more

Deep wellsprings of compassion

Yesterday I read this: "A man whose wife passed away after she had suffered a debilitating illness for several years told me, "I thought I knew what love was-we'd had over 50 blessed years together. ...more

Pioneer girls

I just ordered these adorable pioneer dollies for my girls....more

After school fooooooood

I promised the Little Nies that I would make a homemade after-school snack at...more

Valuable Lessons

It has been a long journey,...more

Weekend wrap-up//swim party

Welcome new week!...more

Go Forth With Faith (back to school feast 2015-16)

Last Monday our family celebrated the 2015-16...more

First day of school 2015-16

Today was the first day of school for the Little Nies....more