The Awkward Blogger

I began blogging in June 2012. As I started my blog, Mommy, For Real, I simultaneously read several books and numerous articles about blogging, particularly those featuring “mommy bloggers.” Over and over it was made clear that the way to have a successful readership was by putting yourself out there and interacting with other bloggers. Taking a deep breath, I began to do just that. ...more
I feel your pain! I made my career from writing--but asking for "likes"? Introducing myself to ... more

A Farm of My Own

My family has farmed the same land since at least the 1640’s and my childhood was vastly different from most children in shoreline Connecticut. I felt a deep connection to the land in a way that they could never understand, and my afternoons and weekend were busy and full of life on the farm. ...more
I adored your post! I grew up spending summers on my aunt's farm, and I swore that some day I ... more

Plant a Flower—(Or Help Me, Please!)

 @sassymonkey And herbs are gorgeous! I have a medicinal herbal bed (which is really for show, I ... more

Plant a Flower—(Or Help Me, Please!)

 @Denise Denise, it really is a good problem to have! I'm thinking of making a cutting ... more

Plant a Flower—(Or Help Me, Please!)

 ...more Thank you, Robin! I'm also a compulsive collector of seeds...but I can ... more

Lessons Learned from Starting a Second Blog

Some things just fail. That’s what most people don’t share. I failed at maintaining a second blog, Beauty Shy, which now forwards to Those Graces. Beauty Shy was supposed to be a place to share my everyday musings about makeup to help others feel more comfortable with makeup. I came to a realization: I wasn’t a beauty blogger. I am a blogger who shares about my life, which happens to include an unnatural love of eyeshadow palettes and blush. I wanted to share the lessons I learned from starting a second blog. ...more
I, too, could not maintain two blogs. I wanted one to focus on our personal lives and ... more

Life Lessons From the Coop

 We lost Salt this weekend. When we decided to add chickens to our menagerie, I knew the risks. We live in a subdivision, but we also live in a forest. A river borders our property. And we've always loved spying wildlife in our backyard. Deer. Possums....more
 @BlueRoseMama Hi Val! I adore that your sweet baby learned to say "hi" to the chickens--that's ... more

#RowlingReturns! J.K. Rowling Announces New Novel Will Be For Adults

Yes, the day has finally come. J.K. Rowling has announced that she's publishing a new novel. The Blair Partnership website updated earlier today with the news. Details, including the title, will not be released until later in the year but they have confirmed that the novel will be targeted at adults. ...more
Oh my gosh--you've just made my day!!! I'm thrilled! Our oldest son and I used to compete to see ... more

Ballpark Organics

Health food stores have been around for a long time, at least for fifty years that I can remember. Consumer demand has steady empowered the health food and supplement industry to spiral upward. When I was a teenager in the 1960s, health food stores consisted of mainly vitamin shops. Now health food stores are full service department food stores with rows of organic products, meats and seafood in addition to their vitamin selections....more
Oh... those look delicious! Now, I'm rethinking this new vegetarian thing I've been doing. My ... more

Teaching Vermicomposting to Kids

One of the benefits of earning my latest title - Master Composter - is that I am occasionally called in to service. For the past few months, it has been my great pleasure to visit second and third grade classrooms to introduce the joys of vermicomposting - as in, composting with worms. To an entire generation of local children, I am now known as 'The Worm Lady.'...more
Heather, you are fabulous! Those kids are so lucky to have the pagan lady in their lives! We did ... more