Polly Pagenhart

I joined BlogHer as a member in late 2006, having started my blog Lesbian Dad... read more

Polly Pagenhart


I joined BlogHer as a member in late 2006, having started my blog Lesbian Dad earlier that year. For a number of years I was in the ad network, and for a year and a half I worked for BlogHer on conference programming. So I've been a committed and involved community member here in numerous ways and for some time.

I am an enthusiastic believer in the power and value of the dialogs people are having through blogs and blogging community -- whether online, or in person. Our blogs are our voices, shared, and I have been changed for the good from participating in the larger conversation they occasion.

I began my blog because I wanted to reflect out loud on parenthood in general and my own lesbian parenthood in particular. Like with most personal narrative blogs, it has expanded and contracted over the years, and its ambit has ranged from living with grief and loss (parent, friends, young nephew) to waging LGBT social justice battles on behalf of my community, my family, and myself.

Throughout, my hopes for the blog have remained the same: first, that the stories and conversations in it provide some company and an example (neither good nor bad; just real) for other LGBT people who are making families during these challenging "gayby boom" years. And second, that those stories and conversations help strengthen bridges between LGBT families and those of straight women and men who share the value that love makes a family. I truly appreciate the opportunity to walk that path with the dynamic community here at BlogHer.