The "D" Word

You know the one!  The one that sends hands racing to cover sensitive ears and leaves mouths hanging open in shock that a person could use foul language in such a cavalier manner.  It seems that I’m hearing it everywhere nowadays.  Sometimes I fear leaving the house because someone, somewhere—a parent at the playground, the cashier at the grocery store, my pediatrician—will say it as if it’s an appropriate thing to do in polite company....more

5 Things I've Learned From Motherhood

And no, I’m not talking about surefire ways to end a newborn’s cries in 2 minutes or less (though that does come in handy), or five ways to manipulate your toddler to pee on the toilet (Or even that one’s heart can grow an infinite amount of love for wrinkly, crying infants and tantrumming toddlers.)I’m talking about answers to questions you never fathomed you’d be asking.Here are my top 5 in order from kinda cool to “Wow, that’s awesome!...more


Nope, it’s not some strange milestone I’ve created to mark an important moment in my child’s life.  No, this is about you and your kids and adorable KID’S BEDDING.  This is my first Giveaway! Which thanks to CSNStores you have the chance to win! They are graciously offering one reader (and I probably only have one ) a chance to win this cool eco-friendly play fruit and veggie set....more

What Must He Think of Me?

My husband came home from work the other day, and saw this:What do you think was the first thing he said?  Did he comment that she must have been really tired?  Maybe ask as to how long she had been sleeping, or perhaps if she might be a bit under the weather since she was taking a late afternoon nap.But, no.  No, those are not the first things that came to his mind....more

I think he should of not have been so negitive about the whole thing. He should of asked if ...more

To My Daughter

You lie asleep.Eyes closed with lacy lashes pressed to pale skin.Blond curls matted in the sweat of sleep.Lips parted, fingers curled, nose upturned.You once snuck in under cover of dark,But now slip into bed shamelessly,Pulling blankets to your pillow.Your pillow in my bed.It's permanent home....more

If The Twos are Terrible, What Are the Threes?

I thought I was headed for a much needed break as my daughter is rounding out the last few months of her "terrible twos."...more

Great Expectations

I've been doing a bit of soul searching lately. It was bound to happen. You see my son turns one in a couple of days so it's the perfectly cliché time to think about the past year ...more