Carmen @ Life Blessons


LIFE BLESSONS is an insightful and engaging lifestyle blog that has been delivering quality content to readers for more than two years. Written from the perspective of a woman in her early thirties, Carmen explores what it looks like to nurture her young family, seek a natural and simplified way of life, get crafty in her home and kitchen, and cultivate her faith.

In doing so, she chronicles this journey through multiple weekly posts that range from crafts and cooking to finances and faith. These stories are what she likes to call her “blessons”: the blessings and lessons that she learns all along the way. By peeling back the curtain on what she is experiencing in her life, her blog has gained a distinction for its honesty and approachability as well as its reliability and practicality for daily life.

Feel free to read more at her blog, Life Blessons.

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