When Sexual Fantasies Get...Complicated

On the TV show “How I Met Your Mother,” the character Marshall confesses that he can’t fantasize about another woman without first imagining his wife, Lily, dying of a terminal illness. I’m pretty much the same way. I can’t daydream about a guy without maintaining the reality that I have young children and a husband....more
yeah see I have a whole blog dedicated to my fantasies. So no I don't have to go there. But I ... more

What Does Service Mean to You?

As I've confessed, I'm not one for making life maps or vision boards. That said, I really appreciated how Kate and David Marshall's new book, My Life Map: A Journal to Help Shape Your Future, made me take a good hard look at some aspects of my life that I really had been neglecting. One of those aspects was service....more
I am a time giver. I don't have a lot of money but I will give someone the shirt off my back. My ... more

The Disability Truth

You’ve come a long way with me. You know that I’m profoundly deaf, often silly, and unfailingly clumsy. You might also know that I lipread and I speak clearly. This puts me in a rare category that many do not know how to handle.Do I just talk directly at her?Do I get a pen, a notepad?Do I raise my voice?Do I whisper and mime?...more
We had this conversation before. I agree whole heartedly. and I do believe Mr. Daddy down there ... more

My Daughter's Anxiety: I Know How She Feels

Last week Greta had a sore throat that wasn't going away, so we went to the doctor to get a strep test. We've been at the doctor a lot this winter -- recurring sore throats that are sometimes strep, sometimes not.   We have spent a lot of time sitting in the exam room, waiting for the results of the strep culture. ...more

I developed severe panic attacks after my last pregnancy. To the point that I could not leave ... more

I Got Sick and the Family Ran Perfectly

When I finally emerged, weak from my stomach flu-inflicted stupor, the house was completely clean, the dishes done, laundry folded and put away. I can't remember the last time that my washer and dryer were not only empty, but had no clothes piled on top. The refrigerator had even been cleaned out. He stepped in and took my place. He filled the shoes that I so often feel like I can't even begin to fill. ...more

OH How I know how that feels. I think every mother feels the same way in that situation. But ... more

The Aftermath of Bullying

Boo is attending a new school, though it was really a hard decision. On one hand, I adored his teachers. And so did he. They are two of the most amazing women especially with children. On the other hand, it was tied to the church that had treated us in a way I found completely unjust. So after much discussion, the Detective and I decided we couldn’t in good conscience keep Boo in that school. If I didn’t feel comfortable being there, how could I send my child there? ...more

Oh sweetie claiming to be a christian sometimes means nothing to many people. I saw your story ... more

Not My Child: The Truth About Teenage Drug Abuse

My name is Angel and I am the mother of a teenager with an addiction. Like many mom's I always said, 'not my kids, not my house, they know how we feel, we have never ever done them so they have never been exposed to them'. Oh how wrong I was.  ...more

He did go to rehab and it was a free one. He spent all of 3 days there before coming home. They ... more

How I Knew I Chose the Right One

My belly sloshes, full of too many bright-red, sticky sweet hurricanes. Orange slices teetering on the edge of the glass and Maraschino cherries stabbed on a tiny plastic sword. Pat O’s serves them in a tall glass I get to take home with me. I save it and fill it with trinkets and Mardi Gras beads, a plastic flower from the St. Patrick’s Day parade last year. ...more

I loved this the first time I saw it. Absolutely beautiful and something anyone can close their ... more

Would You Turn In Your Neighbor

Would you turn in your neighbor, your friend, co-worker, classmate if you thought he or she was a threat to public safety?In light of the Tucson tragedy this past weekend, this has been on my mind. As the horrors un-folded in the media, and the more than is learned about the shooter, Jared Lee Laughner, the more I think of this....more

I absolutely would turn in anyone who is doing the things described. That is something that got ... more

Taking Responsibility for Creating Our Lives

Between the economy and the recent tragic deaths at a retreat, I've been thinking quite a bit lately about personal responsibility. It is easy and seemingly soothing to blame our problems and difficult circumstances on others or forces beyond our control. But do so means staying stuck and not learning and growing so we can make our lives ultimately better. ...more

Personal responsibility is somethign that is a taught behavior whether by our ownpersonal ... more