Stephanie Stiavetti


Professionally, I'm food writer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I particularly love cooking adventurously, taking everyday foods and making them edible by anyone, regardless of dietary restrictions. As one who loves to eat, I do not believe in life without something delicious on the table. I'm passionate about anything having to do with food or literature, so it was fate that I combine the two into the makings of a career.

After having spent the first half of my adult life submerged in the world of technology (I'm a tech geek for life, see...), I have happily given up the hardware industry and now make my living as a culinary wordsmith and social networking consultant. My work has appeared in such major media outlets as Pregnancy Magazine, Clean Eating, and NPR Online, and I tweet under the username ’@sstiavetti,’ where I post about food, nutrition, and writing. I keep a food blog at, where I talk about fresh fare and amazing comfort food recipes.