Boyfriend Bait: Gluten-free Pumpkin Pecan Cupcakes

A warning: these cupcakes lead to hanky-panky. I thought I better mention that right off. According to a recent study by the Taste and Smell Treatment and Research Foundation, essence of pumpkin is the way to a man's heart. Or, at least to his boy parts. ...more

Boyfriend bait? Oh! That cracks me up! Can I use that when I talk about delicious desserts? ... more

She vs. Her: The Decision About Circumcision

Editor's note: Got an idea for a She vs. Her post? We want to hear it! Check out more She vs. Her now. Welcome to She vs. Her -- where we ask two bloggers with different perspectives to make their case. This week: Jennifer Margulis and Amy Jo Wozniak Jones about choosing (and not choosing) to circumcise. ...more

Not being a guy, I always figured that I would leave this decision up to the father of my ... more

Just Ducky Halloween Costume

Homemade costumes are the rule at our house. Bonus points if they can be made with easy to find materials such as this cute duck costume. Start by making a paper bag vest from a brown grocery bag: Holding the bag upside-down, cut up the middle of the bag and over the edge of the bag’s bottom. Cut a round neck hole out of the bottom of the bag and an arm hole in each side....more

Look at that sweet little face. Wow. It melts my heart. :)

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Ghoulishly Gluten-Free Halloween Cupcake Recipe

Tragic wails could be heard across the yard and into adjacent houses. Concerned neighbors glanced out their windows to search for the source of such a forlorn sound, for surely something must be terribly wrong. All they could see, though, was a short, sad-looking woman carrying a sobbing tooth fairy back to the car. These cupcakes are for Jenny. ...more

Thanks! If you make them, I'd love to hear your experiences. :)

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Genetic Testing for Different Reasons Than You'd Think

Years ago, a woman with a bad personality told me she hadn’t enjoyed walking through the halls at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. “It was so depressing,” she said.  “All those cancer patients!  They look so awful — pale, exhausted, bald.  I couldn’t wait to get out.” Now, here was a dilemma.  I could either take the high road, I figured, or be a bitch. Talk about an easy choice.  “I guess you didn’t realize,” I said, “that I’m a cancer survivor, too.”...more

I think it's important to keep a little magic in your pocket. Whether it works or not we'll ... more

Family TV Review: The Vampire Diaries, Season 2

The Vampire Diaries is fast-paced, sexy and shocking, and includes everything you might expect from a teen-based vampire show: angst, dramatic tension, sexy creatures of the night, and a soundtrack that includes artists like MGMT and The Killers. Overall, the TV-14 (V) rating is on target. The Vampire Diaries is edgier than the Twilight franchise. Also note that the books on which this series is based pre-dated Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books by about 15 years. ...more

Aaaaah, the vamp trend continues. Though I suppose it's been going on for hundreds of years, ... more

Share your car buying experience, enter to win an iPad from Porsche Panamera!

To introduce the new Panamera and Panamera 4, Porsche is interested in hearing about your car buying experience.What would make your next car buying experience more fun? What would make it less overwhelming? By sharing your comment below, you will be entered to win an Apple iPad!...more

Honestly, I think the worst part of buying the car is the salespeople. I always feel pressured ... more

Before the Weather Hits: How to Make Your Own Emergency Survival Kit

Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Tsunamis. Volcanic explosions. Floods. Tornadoes. Fire. Terrorist attack. There are any number of events that can turn your life into a fight for survival. You've got a better chance of winning that fight if you are prepared. ...more

This is PERFECTLY timed for what I've been thinking about lately. I've been meaning to put ... more

How to Get Published: Bring In New Freelance Writing Projects in Hard Times

Don't allow yourself to get discouraged when business is slow. It just means that you have to hustle more. The more you hustle, the more you'll be rewarded, even if the rewards are not immediate. And those pitches that were rejected, or those proposals that were turned down? It's nothing personal. Rather, it's bad timing. Or a not-quite-right fit. Or a too-small budget. Or any number of other things. Be relentless, and the work will start picking up again. Allow yourself to wallow, and the few opportunities that are actually out there will pass you by. ...more

I can definitely attest to a high "working your ass off" to income ratio. ... more

When Parenting Clashes With Medical Treatment: What Would You Do?

If you’ve never questioned medical or dental authority before, the idea that the dentist dismissed my family from her practice might surprise you. But if you’ve been gently asking the doctors and dentists and other health care providers who care for your children to intervene as little as possible, chances are this story is maddeningly familiar to you. To Dr Y's credit, she came to talk to me about her decision not to treat us. She argued, quite reasonably, that the minuscule risk of harm from the X-rays far outweighed the good they would do as a diagnostic tool in looking at my daughter’s mouth. ...more

Yeah, I'm going to have to disagree with this statement. You acknowledge that there's a ton of ... more