I Am A Bostonian and I Refuse to Be Afraid

I am now a resident of Beirut and Jerusalem and Baghdad and Kabul and London and Belfast and Oklahoma City. I refuse to be afraid....more
Excellent post!more

Stuffed Artichokes

Stuffed artichokes are delicious!...more

10 Insider Tips to Saving at the Supermarket

Want to eat a healthy dietbut are worried about the cost? Here are ten simple -- and coupon-free -- tips to saving at the supermarket. Use the money you save to bulk up on whole grains, fresh fruits and legumes. ...more

Simple Bean, Collard and Tomato Soup

So far I’m not sad to be grounded by the Blizzard of ’13. I’m lucky enough to be warm at home looking out the window on a white wintry scene, and I’m using the blizzard-enforced time-out-time to read, write and cook....more

Chicken Soup for the Flu

Feeling flu’ish? Taking care of someone sick with the flu? Just looking for a great, simple chicken soup recipe you can throw together in minutes and freeze for later? Here it is. Simple and delicious.Chicken Soup for the Flu1 chicken1 onion2″ knob of ginger3-4 stalks of parsley1 fennel bulb4 carrots3 stalks celery (leaves and all)1 clove garlic2 tsp saltpepper ...more

Learn All About Capers

While I live to eat, to be honest, I never gave capers much thought before I went to the island known as the ‘Black Pearl’ of the Mediterranean—Pantelleria. Closer to Africa than its nearest Italian neighbor, Sicily, it is a volcanic island of ancient beauty, known for capers, wines, and olive oil. A place where capers cascade down stonewalls, grow wild by the roadside, and cover carefully planted fields. In fact, many experts consider capers from Pantelleria to be the best in the world....more
The only capers I have ever had tasted terrible, but now I know why...they were cheap and added ...more

How to Make Blintzes

In the book, Smart Mama, Smart Money, I sing my mom’s praises for her humor, kindness and great cooking. She always had something on the stove or in the oven. We would help her in the kitchen stuffing artichokes, shelling peas for soup, swirling cinnamon and chocolate through coffee cake. Like little puppies waiting for scraps, we especially loved being underfoot as she made blintzes....more

President Obama and Same Sex Marriage.

Bravo, Mr. President.When I was little I remember going into stores with my mom. Wherever we went she had spirited conversations (always about food): discussing dim sum with the lady from China at the laundry, explaining how she made blintzes to the lady from Naples at the bakery. I remember her making coffee cakes and giving them to the cleaning lady who came once a month to clean our house, because even though we had five kids and little money, she had 11 kids and even less money....more

The Smart Mom Manifesto

•            We will call what we're doing work. Even if the world doesn't acknowledge it, we will: Motherhood is the hardest work in the world. It's physically demanding, psychologically strenuous, spiritually complex, and unpaying.•            We will cry when we need to.•            We will laugh maniacally when we need to....more