Give the BlogHer Posts You Love a Little Extra Sparkle

You know how sometimes you read a post and you really want to comment, but you just don't have time? And then there are other posts that you really enjoyed reading and you'd like to say so -- but you aren't sure what to say in the comment box? You can Tweet the posts you like or you can share them to your Facebook wall. But sometimes you just want to do something else ... ...more

What Fun! I really like the word "Sparkle" - ... more

Summer Fest: A Celebration of Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

The Summer Fest theme this week is tomatoes, and I can't think of a better thing to talk about than slow-roasted tomatoes. I made these for the first time last September and they were absolutely amazing. Although I made them a few more times throughout the year with grocery store cherry tomatoes, I've been waiting for some good summer tomatoes to roast. ...more

What Great information - Thank you!! Alot of good links to check out and your pictures are ... more

The Twitterverse Collectively Gasps: John Mayer Deletes Account

But if John Mayer can up and leave his 3.7 million followers, what is to say Ashton Kutcher couldn't follow suit? Or Kanye? Or ... I dare not even think it because it would literally tear apart the Internet ... what if Oprah yanked away her 140-character life-changing exclamations? Building up a large numbers of followers simply isn't enough to protect against a person deciding in favour of account deleting. ...more

I would have a tough time leaving 3.7 million followers; but I am not even close to that number ... more

Donate Baby Blankets to the Sweet Pea Project

Last week I returned home from the local beauty school getting my nasty roots taken of.  My husband said to me as soon as I breezed through the door, flipping my new, luxurious do, "I brought something home for you that I thought you might be interested in.  You should read it.  It's in the kitchen."  Hmm, "What could this be about?" was what I was thinking.   The flyer on the table read:...more

Let me know where to send - I am sending out a Tweet for you! ... more

Go Apple Picking and Try This Curried Apple Turnover Recipe

As a girl who likes a lot of variety, I've been experimenting with different flavor profiles to complement apples. I've found that CURRY POWDER and garam masala do wonders to spice up savory or sweet apple dishes! Both are Indian spice blends usually containing a little cinnamon. Yet, you also get a bit of coriander, clove, fenugreek, turmeric, cumin, and cardamom as well. These extra spices provide rich depth to your apple treats...and the element of surprise! ...more

Sounds absolutely delicious! Waiting to attend our Apple Fest here and will be bringing home ... more