Sad Songs Say So Much

This is a great list! So many songs pull at my heart strings. I wouldn't even know where to begin...more

The Art of Losing a Baby

     I was pregnant, but now I am not. I was going to share our news in the coming weeks – I had so much I wanted to articulate about having a second child, becoming a family of four, and experiencing pregnancy for a second time. For now, this post will have to suffice. The art of losing a baby is journey many have endured and it just happened to be our turn this time. Losing a baby – that phrase makes the occurrence seem so flippant and careless....more

What Does Financial Security Mean to You?

 It’s scary out there. Plunging stocks, massive debt, and dismal job growth. A quick scan of the headlines can test faith and make one wonder if the US economy can completely fail. We all know that something has to change – we can’t sustain our current spending and it seems with each passing day we’re loosing our footing on the world stage....more
This was a really excellent blog! Thanks for sharing your personal story, Karen. I enjoy your ...more

Using a Crib to Store Shoes

My little guy is now sleeping in the toddler bed version of his crib. This means that the front part of his crib is no longer necessary. I suppose I could have put it up in the attic, but that would have been too easy. I was determined to make use of it somewhere else in the house....more

A Changed Perspective

During our time at Ft. Drum, NY, my husband was assigned to 3rd Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment. The unit was our family for a over three years and we still regularly keep in contact with many people associated with 3-71 Cav, past and present. I have discussed on my blog about his deployments to Afghanistan. His first one was particularly difficult – filled with casualties, hardship, and 16-months of (pretty much) hell....more

I Don't Remember Much of My Son's First Year

I’m going to let you in on my dirty little motherhood secret -- I don’t remember much about Weston’s first year. There -- I said it. Out loud. On the Internet. Most of my memories are tied to pictures; physical proof that he was indeed an infant once. I am sure there are a plethora of reasons why I don’t remember -- sleep deprivation, a deployed husband, wine (just kidding), not working, etc… I have trouble remembering the new baby smell and how his three-month old body would rest against mine....more
I can't picture any of my sons faces as babies. I feel awful that I can't find those memories. I ...more