Peruvian Chicken and Aji Amarillo Potatoes

Spices are a great way to add a ton of flavor to cooking but still keep meals healthy. You don’t need excess oils or fat, just a great spice combo is all you need for maximum flavor. When the folks at Raw Spice Bar contacted me I was a little bit skeptical, I am very particular about my spices and love creating my own blends ....more

Should You Take Your Kids To See Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out?

Disney/Pixar has a long history of emotional storytelling and knowing just how to get you right in the childhood memories. Their movies are beautiful love letters to our youth and Inside Out is no exception. Both parents and kids will connect with the characters and story but on different levels, from the perspective of a parent looking back and a child looking to the future ....more

The Best Star Wars Party in the Galaxy

Families from Hawaii do first birthday parties up big time and my friend had the unenviable task of making this particular one a double celebration. Her twins were turning one and for sure it was going to be a huge first birthday. Naturally, there’s nothing better for a double celebration than a Star Wars themed party and this one was truly the Best Star Wars Party in the Galaxy ....more

Bigfoot Bundt Cake

The Bigfoot Bundt Cake I made for Nerdist back in April was a huge hit. You could catch a glimpse of the elusive edible Sasquatch everywhere from Food and Wine Magazine to Laughing Squid. Even Pee-Wee Herman wanted a piece of the cake yeti ....more

Recipes from Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out

Check out these adorable recipe for Disney/Pixar’s new movie, Inside Out. Joy’s More-Is-More Smores, Sadness’s No-Cry Comfort Food (Mac and Cheese!), Fear’s Panko-Protected Long Beans, Disgust’s Is-That-Broccoli Pizza?, and finally Anger’s Hot-Headed Tuna. Inside Out opens in theaters everywhere June 19! ...more

Ready for the Weekend

Don’t let a fabulous weekend pass by without having all the fun. Here are some ideas for making the most of your weekend! (links below) Eat: Korean Bulgogi Tacos – recipe Shop: Spider-Gwen Cardigan from WeloveFine $48 Read: Lumberjanes issue 14 from BOOM! ...more

Eating Vegan at Disneyland

Eating vegetarian at Disneyland is fairly easy but finding vegan meals may seem to be a little more difficult. Not at all! Vegan meals are abundant at Disneyland, you just need to know where to look ....more

Disney’s Tomorrowland

I went to a screening of Disney’s Tomorrowland and I’ve seen the future. I don’t think the trailers do the movie justice, it was an emotional action-packed ride! The story follows a former boy genius named Frank, played by George Clooney ....more

May the 4th 2015

Happy Star Wars Day! If you’ve come here looking for Star Wars recipes, I’ve definitely got you covered. From Admiral Ackbar cupcakes to a severed wampa arm cake, these are the recipes you’re looking for ....more

Monkey Kingdom Party

Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom is a film about the adventures of Maya and her son Kip. Narrated by Tina Fey, it’s a tale of family and survival of the Macaques monkeys set in the beautiful, lush ruins of Sri Lanka. The film crew spent 1000 days on location to capture all the magic of the daily lives, through the seasons, of the monkey family ....more