2012 Project Calender of Knitting and Embroidery

When I look back on the year 2012, I feel like I didn’t get very much done at all.But when I look at the archives, I see that my feeling is not entirely correct.True, I didn’t embroider nearly as much as I planned, but I did get some pretty good things done. I did some sewing and dabbled in other crafts, with varied results....more

The Wall

I have hardly been knitting, just a little in the doctor’s waiting room and a bit at the bus stop.But instead I have been setting up a wall.Now some might say it’s not a wall at all, just a closure of a walkway between two adjoining rooms.But to me it’s a proper wall and nothing less.Read on here....more

Steeking Tutorials

The purple lopi cardigan is almost finished.The grafting on the top of the hood is done. It was fun but a bit fiddly to graft with three colours. I don’t think I have done that before. ...more

Adding Shaping to Knit Sweater

 I have been asked to talk a little about how I add “lady” shape to knit sweaters.There are many ways to do that. The most common ones are adding short rows and vertical darts.Most if the time I add vertical darts.This one is for a person with an ample bust....more

Vintage Dress Revival

This lovely vintage dress belongs to my friend. It has been laying dormant in an attic, very dirty, and a little torn. ...more

Altering a Ralph Lauren Jacket

My sister gave me this great jacket. It’s very good quality, it is used but it could just as well be right off the rack. You can’t tell it has ever been worn.It has great details...more

Repairing a Candle Flame Shawl

CANDLE FLAME SHAWLThis shawl is four years old. It's my favourite one and I use it a lot. The pattern is a free one, the popular Candle Flame....more

The Worlds Best Órói

The title of Worlds Best Órói has been claimed. But my Órói is pretty good, don’t you think – second best, perhaps?I’m just kidding, of course....more

World Lupus Day 2012

 WORLD LUPUS DAY Today is World Lupus Day....more

A Free Bowl Pattern

This lovely triangular bowl is made from Iclandic wool. It's knit. felted and hand embroidered. And it's not hard to do. You can make one for yourself just click on the link below for the free pattern and embroidery tutorial. It just might be a new crafty adventure....more