In Defense of Non-Custodial Mothers

Recently, The Huffington Post ran an article that featured a mother's regret for leaving her children with their father post-divorce. She explained that the divorce left her feeling emotionally and psychologically fragile and she chose to live with relatives for a few years in order to regroup. She went on to explain that she regretted the decision, but it was the best one she had at time. ...more
I wish people wouldn't be so judgmental. Every "case" is unique and there are so many ways to be ... more

When Do We Teach Kids to Conform vs. Being an Individual?

Tomorrow is picture day at my kids' elementary school, and this year is a big one: My daughter is in fifth grade. While the children in the other grades usually sport a range of attire (with my kids typically at the most casual end of the spectrum), fifth graders are supposed to step it up significantly. Since the start of school, I've been receiving notices about fifth grade picture day. All of them have contained this language: Fifth grade boys traditionally wear dress slacks, button down shirt, tie, jacket and dress shoes. Fifth grade girls traditionally wear dresses....more
Individuality is a good thing. Period. I hope your daughter had a great picture day :-) more

Highlights of the Opening Ceremony

It was quite a night in London as the 30th Summer Games kicked off for a third time in the city. Fireworks exploded off the Tower Bridge, Olympic rings were forged, James Bond took a wild wide with the Queen and bedtime stories were told....more
 Rowan Atkinson! And the storybook part. And the queen. And the first part. And the fire. ... more

I Don't Like Spanking My Kids, But I Do It Anyway

I was spanked as a child. I wasn’t beaten, I wasn’t thrown around. I was laid over my fathers knee and would get a couple of good wallops. It wasn’t done excessively, only on an as-needed basis. For me, that “as-needed” would come around much more often than it would my sister. One of the small burdens of being too much like my mother. The point is, I wasn’t traumatized. I didn’t feel abused. I felt as though I deserved it and, looking back as an adult -- I did. I don’t like spanking my kids. In fact, I usually give them numerous chances and warnings to straighten out the problem before I do....more
In my country (Iceland) spanking and any corporal punishment is illegal. Sweden pioneered in ... more

Anyone know a good website for learning how to knit? For beginners - and I mean Absolutely Havent A Clue Beginners :-)

Anyone know a good website for learning how to knit? For beginners - and I mean Absolutely Havent A Clue Beginners :-) ...more is very good. Here is a free ebook you can ... more

Just Say No: School Pictures Edition

This year, I didn't pre-purchase school pictures. You know the ones. The ones where the photographer says, "Say CHEESE!" and your kid gets a goofy fake grin showing both rows of teeth all the way back to where the wisdom teeth will come in? The ones you have to pay for BEFORE you buy? The cheapest package was $30 or $40. You can get them retaken, but it's a pain. And really -- for three kids' poorly taken pics that we don't even want to give to their own grandparents? I said no....more
I did the same. I got fed too. My daughters school photos were always weird. And I mean really ... more

Life Well Lived Moments Sweepstakes 5: Share A Moment and Enter to Win a Kindle Fire!

This sweepstakes is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered! Please check out our new sweepstakes launching January 26. ...more
My goal is to get back to work after many years of serious illness. And write my fourth book. more

The New Facebook: Love It or Hate It?

I know new is often met with contempt -- very few people roll with change -- but the new Facebook feed goes beyond dislike for many people. It steps over a line of control, removing it from the user and placing it in the hands of an algorithm. It steps over a line of privacy, revealing information in real-time. People are so focused on those changes that few are talking about new ideas such as the Open Graph which will allow you to never, ever leave Facebook again except to... perhaps... pee. You will be able to watch shows, listen to music, read the newspaper -- all from Facebook. ...more
I like Google+ so much better. But I will keep my FB account, for a while at least, there are so ... more

Vintage Dress Rescue

[Editor's note: I recently came across some dresses of my mom's from the late 1950's and passed them on to my daughter. Luckily, they were still in perfect shape. So when I came across this post by Harpa and how she is working to restore her own classics, it melted my heart! - Kathy]My friend inherited some lovely vintage dresses this summer.I have taken on the task of restoring them, something I really looks forward to. There is no pressure, I just take one at a time, when I can and feel like it.I decided to start with this one:...more
Thank you all! It belonged to the young ladies grandmother actually, but it was lost in a ... more

Extreme Couponing for Babies

Children are expensive. Raising one child, from birth through college, (a public college, at that), will probably cost you somewhere around $500,000. Baby's first year could cost you around $5,000 (if you don't have to pay for childcare), and you'll probably spend about $2,000 before you ever bring the baby home. That's why baby showers are such an awesome thing, they can help reduce the amount of money spent by new parents before baby comes home. That's also why you should seriously consider using coupons to help take some pressure off of your budget. ...more
Price comparison is great (coupons aren't really used in my neck of the woods) but my very best ... more