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Hair Color Angst: To Dye or Not to Dye?

My experience with hair coloring is brief, but memorable. My first stint was in ninth grade when The Thing To Do was to buy a bottle of Jolen facial hair bleach, and paint two chunky streaks into the face-framing locks on either side of one's head to lighten them. The goal was, I believe, to achieve a modern and Friends-esque highlighted hairstyle that said "I am modern and enjoy the show Friends, as evinced by my modern, Friends-esque highlighted hairstyle. Could I BE any more awesome?"...more

"I inherited some of the redhead traits - like freckles and a low threshold of pain at the ...more

Makes Friends With Exes

I had coffee with an ex-boyfriend last weekend. My move featured technically two ex-boyfriends, though at the time I was in some pretty spinny denial about the one. Sometimes I think my life is kinda like "My Boys," but all the male friends are exes. That's an exaggeration, of course. No way I'm as cool as PJ, and I barely remember the last time I hosted a poker game. Sigh. ...more

Bill - So much wisdom here. I'm definitely the friends-and-lovers type - I can't imagine ...more

DIY Facemask (Alternate title: Bananas ARE good for something.)

I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. A part of me gets all giddy at the thought of busting out all my newly-purchased fall clothes that I've been itching to wear but the other part of me is just ITCHY. You see, I live in a New York apartment building. They are reknowned the world over for their lilliputian dimensions, and in addition, their SWELTERING, MOISTURE-SUCKING HEAT during the cooler months. Almost overnight, as the telltale clank of the Lincoln Administration-era radiator system kicks in, my skin becomes papery, dry, and flaky. Awesome....more

I'm all for homemade facials. I'll give this one a try. My kids will think it's hilarious and ...more