Do Italian Men Really Make Good Lovers ?

This article on Italian men was based on my own experience. I don't think all Italian men are ... more

What's it like to date an English man

What's it like to date an English manFrom the blog,
Have you ever dated an English man? What are your thoughts on the English beast ? more

Do Italian Men Really Make Good Lovers ?

Italian men are fantastic and a lot of fun ! Not all Italian men are womanizers that is a ... more

How to Date like a Jane Austen Heroine

written by Sabrina Rongstad-Bravo...more
Bath, England was the setting of many Jane Austen novels. The Georgian city is replete with ... more

Open Discussion: A Jane Austen Education

Welcome to the A Jane Austen Education discussion thread! You can talk about anything you want in this thread. Spoilers are allowed! Let's start this off easy. What's your favourite Jane Austen novel? Did you agree with William Deresiewicz's thoughts about it? BlogHer Book Club Host Karen Ballum also blogs at Sassymonkey and Sassymonkey Reads.

Love Austen? @BlogHer is doing a Jane Austen Education/Complete novels GIVEAWAY!

Love Austen? @BlogHer is doing a Jane Austen Education/Complete novels GIVEAWAY! ...more

please tell me more... I love Jane Austen. more

Afghan Women's Writing Project: I Am for Sale, Who Will Buy Me?

(Ed. Note: This essay is part of the Afghan Women’s Writing Project founded by novelist Masha Hamilton. Under the project, Afghan women write in secure online workshops taught by published American novelists, poets, memoirists, screenwriters and journalists. The strongest pieces are posted online on a blog. The AWWP is aimed at giving women a voice at a time when Afghanistan appears to be growing more conservative. The project encourages participants to claim their own stories and publishes them under their first names. In very rare cases—and this is one—the writers, who are well-known to AWWP, feel they can only safely share beyond the project if they do so anonymously.) ...more

We really don't know how much we have it made in the Western World. I was truly touched by this ... more

Dating Etiquette for Women

I don't think of etiquette as stifling -- I think it's the hallmark of civilized living. Boil down all the rules you can think of and you will find one simple truth that unites them: etiquette is about being considerate of other people. That's what it comes down to -– and it goes for women as much as it does for men. ...more

It all boils down to class, which is simply common courtesy and consideration for other people ... more

Feminism and Balance: Nobody Loves You Better Because You Used Yourself Up for Them

I was sitting in the audience at the Starr Community Conversation in Kansas City on Tuesday night when Gloria Feldt* said, "Nobody loves you better because you have used yourself up for them."  Kind of makes a record scratch, doesn't it? ...more

As a single woman, I too often strive for balance as I spend hours and hours at home on the ... more

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