My personal finance blog "Well-Heeled Blog (at http://wellheeledblog.com) is a blog aimed at "savvy living through personal finance". I truly believe that while we can't have everything we want, through smart and confident management of our personal finances, we can achieve a life full of what we want the most. As a twentysomething college graduate who is also a finance nerd, shoe aficionada, food lover, and aspiring tanguera, my mission is to save and invest for tomorrow but live life to the fullest today. I love to read nonfiction, especially on history, demographics and social trends, and, you guessed it, personal finance. All that reading (and the news) tells me that as a Gen Y-er (and especially as a woman) who is growing up in an era of increasingly individualized risks (i.e. 401K instead of pensions), globalized competition, and longer lifespans, I better save enough and invest appropriately. My mottos? “Personal finance shouldn’t make me miserable” and “experience, not stuff.” Given the state of the market right now, I’ve added one more: “shares, not dollars.” My loftier goal is to “achieve financial independence”.