I Don’t Write To Hurt You, and I Believe You Don’t Write To Hurt Me

Honestly, I don’t mind people disagreeing with me. No troll on the internet could be worst than seventh grade. But I find it strange how MEANINGFUL and IMPORTANT a blog post or tweet or offhanded remark can be to someone. So important that they are willing to degrade their dignity or the dignity of another person. ...more

Well done, and much needed.

I think a lot of people, young parents in particular, seek out ...more

Why Bother Being A Good Parent At All?

I had a theory going into parenting: If I was, or at least acted like, the best parent ever, I would have the best behaved children ever. I told myself: I must model the behavior I seek. If I don’t want my children to grab, I don’t grab things out of their hands unless there is danger. If I want my children to be polite, I use please and thank you even when I want to scream a startling amount of curse words at them. I use a gentle voice and hands. I ask first. ...more

I think that it all comes down to doing the next right thing. Everything else seems to fall ...more

What the Heck Happened to Healthcare on Sunday Night And Why I Care

This BIG HEALTHCARE BILL PASSED.  But before we get too confused, I’ll share a personal experience that I also sent to Congress and President Obama back in August.  It is certain not of the caliber of some of the horror stories that have circulated over the last year, but I’ve always had healthcare. I’ve only had glimpses through medical school and an experience in April into the seedy underbelly that is a lack of healthcare.  And I DID NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT. ...more