divorce is tragic

Is divorce always tragic?Mary Elizabeth Williams thinks not:...more


Where do you get your diamonds?  Are they certified by the Kimberley Process as "conflict free" diamonds?  If so, you've purchased a sense of well being, but KP authentication is no guarantee of a bloodless sparkly.  The Kimberley Process certification "guarantees" that certain diamonds don't come from conflict countries.  If you only buy KP diamonds, the thinking goes, you'll have avoided funding bloody revolutions and enslaving minors.  Sweet....more

perky cups

Over the weekend, we visited an Aurora coffee shop called "Perky Cups".  We weren't sure what to expect, and whether this was really one of those bikini coffee shops.  ...more

Deathbed Conversion

When my grandma was dying, my born-again Christian mother was very concerned about the state of her soul. One day, after staying by her side for days and days, Mom asked Grandma if she would care to invite Jesus into her heart as her personal savior.Grandma said, "I'm kinda like S____ [that is, *me*, her granddaughter]. I don't like anyone bossing me."I am flattered by this story, because my grandma and I share this in common. We don't want to believe in Mom's religion. We're not Christians. It's a fact....more

I have a story to tell you about my grandmother. She was of a rabid sect of protestant flavor ...more