NaBloPoMo post

I took the time to explain why I was writing in English since July 1st on my blog. I had the time to write a few lines and the next ones because I got at work at 6:45 !! Last night was the first night in a while that I slept through the whole night without getting up to go to the bathroom, to empty the air-conditioning unit or because the cat decided to take a walk across my chest....more

I can do it on my own

My mom once told me that I was already saying it when I was 2 years-old : chus capable toute seule. Je suis capable de le faire toute seule. I can do it on my own. By myself or alone....more

I'm a junkie and I know it

Only 19 days left. Until the end of Lent.  And I need my fix(es). Has this Lent been a success ? Yes. Once again I am aware of those bad habits. And I resisted with difficulty. No. I had trouble with chocolate because of PMS (AF was 10 days late which extended and augmented my PMS) and because of my bobo (which made me crave comfort foods to feel better)....more

Deal with it

Yesterday I spent time with a friend and she regularly told me "stop thinking you're fat, you're not fat". No shit Sherlock. I know I'm not fat and I'm not thinking I'm fat. I think she thinks I am or she thinks she is. Wonders of projection....more

Your Friend's Just Not That Into You

I went through a rough time this weekend with someone I thought was a friend and I realized I could apply the He's Just Not That Into You list of no-excuses to friendship as well. If I had done that many years ago, I wouldn't be in the position I'm in now which made me angry and made me take down everyone with me, all guns blazing, in a  take no prisoners and kill everyone standing way.It's written with a He but it could be a She. The signs were there but like I used to do with men, I made excuses. ...more

My 10 in March 2010

This month I did all I had to do on my 10 ! I couldn't figure out how to update my comment on Denise's post so here is my 10 updated.  I had done it in January but I skipped it in February because I was lazy. I even had an alert in my Outlook and I kept snoozing it. ...more

My 10 in January 2010

I realize I'm late in doing this list. I saw the Denise's post weeks ago and decided it was a great idea so I thought about it and did a list...but I didn't write it. So here it is, my 10 things to do in January 2010. Some are finished....more

I'm a fan of bathroom posts, when you write that - link it please.

(And for those who ...more

2 for 1 : Justin and Jacob

I kid you not. Justin Timberlake works at my gym and Jacob is the repairman. I'm as surprised as you are. These are big stars and they have these small jobs, here in Montreal. What are the odds that I would meet both of them ? You have read it. Justin Timberlake has a weekend job at the YMCA Downtown. He's not the smiley type. Really, it makes me want to smack him beside the head. The guy is good-looking, has a great career and a great weekend job. What has he got NOT to smile about ? Anyway he barely says a word. But HEY I met Justin at the gym !!...more

Is adding your blog address in a comment rude ?

I am shocked. Today I was reading a post from Stirrup Queens (I like reading her blog even if I don't have fertility problems) and it was titled Blogging Public Service Announcement #1 and #2 about things people should know about blogging and a commenter wrote :...more

Not to make this 10 times more confusing, but I think it's sort of rude to NOT include a url ...more