4th Grade is Too Late To Start a Sport. Seriously?!

My son Josh signed up to play Pony League baseball in fourth grade.  His best friend from church, Sammy, talked him into it.  Sammy, a very athletic child, had already been playing baseball for a few seasons.  Josh, on the other hand, was brand new to the game.  It quickly became apparent that at age 9, it was much too late to start a new sport....more
If you want to try out a sport go through the park district, if you go to a private club or ... more

Why I Didn't Tell My Daughter About Newtown

I spent Friday, as many of you did, alternating between crying and hitting refresh on my web browser. Had I a different job, I might not have known about the Newtown shooting as early as I did. Had I been a different person, I might have monitored it less frequently, only seeing what absolutely had to be seen in order to update BlogHer News editor Grace Hwang Lynch's heartfelt first response on BlogHer while she was on the road. And had I been a different person, I might have told my eight-year-old daughter what happened....more
As parents I think we have the responsibility of telling our kids about tragedies like this. To ... more

I'm A Mom: I'm Not Allowed To Be Sad

I've been having a rough week. There's been a big convergence of stuff going on, mostly financial and mostly really serious. On top of that, I'm battling a minor health issue that's dragging me down, and I'm feeling more than a bit overwhelmed by it all. I desperately need to crawl into bed and have a really good cry. I can't, though. I'm a single Mom, and I have primary physical custody of my kids....more
you cry either in the shower, or late at night in bed.... they wont know and the release you ... more

Hard Math for Girls: Only a Big Deal If You Say It's Not

Yesterday, I shared a link on Twitter and Facebook to Julia Magnusson's post about the latest Land's End catalog gaffe. And lo and behold! The power of social media! Land's End responded and asked if they could email me some background from their creative team. Sure! Please do explain why your catalog says math is hard on Chloe's backpack page and superheroes are tough on Matthew's! I'll bet that's some good reading!...more
I don't see it, there is nothing there that says its aimed at girls. Only a purple bag, some ... more

Life After Divorce: The Summer Custody Visit Suck

One more sleep. One more morning coffee. That’s how long until I get to see my baby girl again. She’s six years old and she has been away from home for more than two weeks now, visiting my ex-husband in St. Louis. All I know is that two weeks is way too long for a mommy and a little girl to be apart. At least it is for me. ...more
I think I would go crazy with 2 weeks away from my 2 too. But I do also wish that their dad ... more

Mother Convicted of Felony for Sending Kids to a Better School

Ms. Williams-Bolar made the kind of decision many of us might when faced with how to educate her children: she used her father’s address to get them into the good school district. But the district hired a private investigator to follow her home and find evidence of what she was doing. After two years in the Copley schools, her daughters were ousted and Williams-Bolar was arrested. Last week, she and her father were both convicted of felonies. ...more

even as a convicted felon in Ohio she can vote after she serves her jail term.

While I don't ... more

The $100 Question: Jennster Asks If You Are Friends With Your Kids On Facebook

Welcome to The $100 Question, where fellow BlogHers are asking questions ... and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars! Let's meet today's host: Jennster from Jennster ...more

But I did go into his account so that my posts are not automatically seen by him....
He doesn't ... more

Bathroom Reading Month: Do You Read in The Bathroom?

When I went over to other people’s houses I was, and continue to be, fascinated by what reading material they keep in their bathrooms. Many like my family had the ubiquitous Reader’s Digest. Sometimes there were joke books, the precursors to the Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers, which at our friend’s place you have to skip the powder room and go to the full bathroom to read. Every now and then I’ll see a copy of the newspaper or maybe even a novel. Then, of course, are the people who don’t keep any reading material in their bathrooms. I’m sorry, I don’t understand them. ...more

growing up thats where the Family Circle or Ladies Home Journal was kept. Now its the AARP ... more

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