Why "No, David" Is Bad for Kids

If you're a parent of younger children (or have been since 1998), you've probably ready No, David or any of David Shannon's highly popular books. We have the full David library in our home; they're a popular, easy to read favorite of my two sons. Jennifer Lehr pointed out in a recent post that the David series is ultimately damaging for our kids. What do you think? Should we never tell our kids no? Are David books bad for our kids? ...more
It's interesting that we wish to portray parents as perfect, non-punitive, understanding and ... more

Grieving Lisette: I Want You to Know My Daughter Was Loved

Carrie at Amazing Grace and a Safe Haven wants you to know her daughter, Lisette Josephine. Carrie wants you to know that she existed, that she mattered to someone, that she was loved. Baby L died of malaria, and Carrie is left grieving for a daughter she never met. Go give her some support, would you? ...more
I'm sorry for your heartbreaking loss. more

Why I Gave My 9-Year-Old a Cell Phone

I swore I wouldn't give my daughter Franny a cell phone until she was thirteen. And whenever my nine-year-old asked, as she had been doing more frequently, "Mom, when can I have a cell phone?" this is what I told her. There were a few reasons why I thought 13 was the magic cell phone number. She'd be responsible enough not to lose it. She'd be old enough to coordinate her own social plans. Her dad got her brother an iPhone when he was thirteen and I wanted to be fair....more
Some parents, believe it or not, hear from their kids more via text than in person.... And I'm ... more

Yes, I'm A Mother. And No, I Don't Cook.

I know I'm supposed to be feeding my kids home-cooked meals made from organic vegetables grown in my own garden, but here's the thing: I hate cooking. (And gardening, too.) I'm actually truly, truly grateful that I can buy things like prepared chicken teriyaki at my local bulk discount store. I love that my daughters' busy schedules of after-school activities forces us to eat out several nights a week. And I'm very thankful that I married a man who can cook (although, sadly for us, his work schedule prevents him from doing so every night)....more
The only part about it to me that makes it unacceptable is the quality of packaged and processed ... more

My Blog Changed My Life—For Good

For so many of us, sitting down and putting our thoughts Out There on the internet in our blogs is what started the glorious process of finding our way back to ourselves. For others, it's been reading about other women's journeys. Many of the commenters on the launch post for BlogHerMoms said as much, and it's one of the main reasons BlogHerMoms has come to be. All of us need encouragement, an audience, a purpose, and yes, some applause, sometimes. And our blogs can give that to us. ...more
Self reflection is an amazing way that blogging has helped me. more

Get Real, Beyonce: Girls Don't Rule the World

The vlogger Nineteen Percent takes issue with Beyonce's song Girl (Who Rule the World) in this scathing monologue about women's rights in America and across the world. Take a look -- do you agree? ...more

It seriously drives me crazy that the government in my country (Canada) lists Women as a ... more

Just Your Everyday Super Model

I see you sizing me up in the grocery store, you sweet young thing. You may not be able to place this feeling quite yet, but I'll give it a name for you. Envy. ...more

Great post. Really expressive and awesome.

I had my daughter really young, and I choose to be ... more

Natural Parenting - Making the World a Better Place for our Kids (and us) With our Blogs

Conference:  BlogHer '11 Track:  Impact 1: Change the World About You Name:  Calley Pate URL:  http://www.theecochic.com What is natural parenting?  Today parents no longer fit nicely into the hippie, crunchy, or tree-hugger category when we choose to raise our c...more

Thanks for clarifying.
I consider myself to be someone shedding the processed life, and who ... more

The 1st Amendment, Hate and Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church

By now, you probably recognize some of those hateful messages from Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church. In 2006, Phelps and his followers displayed those lovely signs and more while picketing the funeral of fallen Marine Matthew Snyder. Yesterday, ruling on the lawsuit against Phelps and his church filed in response, the Supreme Court upheld the church's right to protest in an 8-1 decision. ...more

Indeed, I do my best not to generalize. :) more

Oral Sex Causes Oral Cancer—But Don’t Wig Out

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could blame all oral cancers on smoking ciggies and boozing it up? At least we already know we’re better off ditching those vices. But are we supposed to have NO fun? I mean, seriously. For the most part, oral sex is pretty dang safe. You can’t get knocked up. It’s much harder to contract most sexually transmitted diseases. And it feels oh-oh-oh so good. But it seems all good things come at a price. ...more

HPV is a serious issue and I want to thank you, as someone who is close to someone who has it, ... more