This is What it is Like to Live Without Your Breast

My question to Glamour is this. Why did I get these emails? I don't subscribe to Glamour magazine,  and I don't follow them on any social media. Why are they emailing me? I'm sure the answer is publicity, since I write a blog that is about living after breast cancer. The question they pose, however, strikes me as being sensationalist journalism. "How would your life change without YOUR breasts?" Here is my answer, Glamour magazine. ...more
modmom Yes, I think you're right about body symmetry! I'm fortunate and don't have lymphedema, ...more

Big Pancakes; Otherwise Known as Crepes

The rest of the world calls them crepes, but to my family they will always be known as Big Pancakes.My dad's mom gave the recipe to my mom; rumor has it that my grandma received the recipe from her mother-in-law, my great-grandmother. ...more

After a Tragedy, Tell Your Kids They're Safe

The world has suddenly become a dangerous place. I keep looking out of my window. Across the street, behind my neighbor's yard, I can see the playground at the school. I am aching to see children running and playing as usual at recess. But the playground is silent.Our school is safe. Our neighborhood is safe. The playground is probably silent because it is not recess time. But our world has been shaken by the elementary school shooting in Connecticut. It has taken all of my willpower not to run out my front door and go get my kids out of school....more

Writing a Guest Post

Writing guest posts can be a little scary. Writing on your own blog is easier; it's your own personal space. But publishing your writing on someone else's blog for their readers can be intimidating. What if your host blogger dislikes your piece? What if none of her readers comment? Yikes! ...more
 @ThisIsAYes They are time-consuming, especially when it takes time away from writing on your ...more

The Hunger Games = A Fairy Tale?

Unintentionally, I have been caught up in the hubbub surrounding The Hunger Games. I haven't even read the book yet! Members of my book club are planning to go see the movie in a couple of weeks, and I can't wait. We're thinking that this will give teens a chance to go see it, so we aren't the oldest people in the theater. (We might be the oldest despite putting it off!)...more

Raising Bird Watchers?

One of our favorite places to visit is the Nature Center. It's a beautiful place along the river in a forest preserve not far from our house. Huge cages sit in a row along a walking path. Each cage holds one animal that has been rescued and can now longer survive out in the wild. There is a skunk whose scent gland was removed when she was a pet, and a bald eagle who was hit by a car. One of her wings is missing. There is a red-tailed hawk, a barred owl and a Great Horned Owl. ...more

It's a Brown World

"I wike bown." the little three year old girl said. She was circling her paintbrush loaded with brown paint around and around on her smooth paper."I like brown, too," I replied, a little surprised. Most preschool girls reach for the pink and purples paints. But this paint was a nice brown color, smooth and rich....more

The Relevance of Reading

Sometimes you love a book because of the relevance to your life. It might be a book that ordinarily wouldn't move you the way that it does, or would be a fun read but isn't particularly meaningful to the way you live. This is one of those books; a book that ordinarily I would have enjoyed reading. At the time that I read it, however, this book held great significance for me....more
It was just chock full of interesting characters, wasn't it! @victorias_viewmore

Celebrities with Cancer: An Annoying "Trend"

Why am I so turned off when I hear about yet another celebrity has been diagnosed with breast cancer?  I have no interest in hearing celebrities who have been diagnosed with cancer tell their stories.  Maybe it's because I know I totally will not relate to them.  Their famous lives are already so far apart from mine; how could their cancer story even possibly be close to mine?  Come on, Sheryl Crow--appearing in a hair color commercial so soon after you had breast cancer treatment?  Did you even have chemo like the rest of us?  Or are those only hair e...more

Patiently Teaching Independence

I’m a “good-job-er.” Every time my daughters do something, I automatically say, “Good job!” Sometimes I try to mix it up a little, by saying, “Fantastic!” or “That’s awesome!” But mostly, I say, “Good job!”   There’s nothing wrong with that, right? I’m just trying to encourage my daughters; to let them know I approve of what they’re doing.  ...more