Ghoulishly Gluten-Free Halloween Cupcake Recipe

Tragic wails could be heard across the yard and into adjacent houses. Concerned neighbors glanced out their windows to search for the source of such a forlorn sound, for surely something must be terribly wrong. All they could see, though, was a short, sad-looking woman carrying a sobbing tooth fairy back to the car. These cupcakes are for Jenny. ...more

My dad's entire family has a gluten sensitivity so your story hits home. I am having a Halloween ... more

Gapgate Fatigue: How Outraged Are You?

Are you outraged? Should you be? I don't know about you, but I'm starting to think that I should, all of the time, and I have to tell you that lately I'm a little overwhelmed by it. Do you know what I'm talking about? Does this happen to you? That there's a weekly-daily-hourly insinuation or a direct statement that I'm supposed to be outraged about something that has been written, spoken or implied, either on the news, in a blog post or (please, oh please no) at a conference or other in-person meet-up. ...more

I think most people could care less about the logo scandal (and I am a former marketing ... more

Would You Wear These Fashion Trends?

I just saw a list of Fall Fashion Trends, and I've written about trends before, but I  was wondering how many of them are truly wearable for regular women. I mean, I can see plenty of photos of celebrities perched on five inch heeled clogs whilst sporting mongolian lamb fur vests, but that doesn't mean I'm going to try it. What about you? Do you see yourself in any of the following seasonal fads? ...more

I like sequins - I do - must be my performer past. Though.... I look odd in animal prints (and ... more

College Never Prepared Me for Not Using My Degree

It's amazing what hours of being alone -- with no one but your chihuahua to give you funny looks when you talk -- will do for your perspective. College never prepared me for not using my degree. It didn't prepare me for feeling like I've failed every time I see someone I used to know at KMart, feeling like I have to explain the "I'm here to help you!" nametag on my chest. ...more

I, too, struggle with this success thing. I started college as a dance major and was told to ... more

Just signed up for this Blogher thing.... looking around for friendly faces..... where's the bar?

Just signed up for this Blogher thing.... looking around for friendly faces..... where's the bar? ...more

Hi. Welcome. I signed up a while ago, but... am still getting the hang of it. Like it, though. more

Impoverished Parenting

I did not grow up poor. We were not rich either. At one point in this country, there was a rather substantial middle class. I lived in a large house with a huge yard. I had nice clothes, my own room, toys, dance lessons, piano and violin lessons, ski passes, horse-back riding lessons, summer vacations to Maine, trips to Disney World, and a week or so of residential camp. ...more

I think it sounds like you're doing great. I know there are worry days, but you have such a plan ... more