Vote With Your Dollar - Today, Every Day

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Buy Nothing Day, Small Business Saturday. Boycott Walmart, but don't forget to support the workers!Are the pressures to both spend and not spend driving you crazy yet? I have a solution for you, which is to make every day of a year a day that you make deliberate and conscious choices about where you spend your money. ...more
"It's just another Friday" -- couldn't agree more.  However, you will not find me at the store ...more

Reject Disposables, Keep the Cash

Do you find yourself frustrated with how much trash your family is generating? Feel the same about how much money you're spending? I'm here to tell you that you can decrease the amount of garbage you produce while also saving money. How? By saying buh-bye to almost all the disposable products in your life. (Okay, perhaps not every disposable product, as I am a huge fan of toilet paper.) ...more
Get some cloth produce bags so you don't have to bring home your produce in plastic bags. I got ...more