Is Grocery Delivery For You?

I have discovered an amazing way to save time and money. I have this new magic trick that I cannot believe! Grocery Delivery.People in big cities like NYC just ignore this post, you probably have had grocery delivery forever as it is pretty much a necessity there....more

new 2015 planners!

available for instant download my new 2015 day planners in two color schemes are now ready!click here to order :)xoxo,krystina

easy last minute pumpkin DIYs!

i love pumpkins! and look at all these fun last minute easy pumpkin DIYs!...more

nutty tacos {vegan recipe!}

wait what?who's nutty here?ahem, well, this super delish recipe is vegan! and did i mention it is yummy? well put on your socks so this recipe can knock them off! this is one of our family favorites!  ingredients:...more

craft paper punch storage

i combed the interwebs for some sort of a paper punch storage and i came up empty. i found nothing i was very fond of. nothing i was willing to do. i did not want my craft punches out in the open on a shelf or something. i wanted them put away, but very accessible and usable. i moved a few things around in my little IKEA (helmer) drawer carts (mainly i got rid of junk and consolidated a few drawers) and came up with four empty drawers....more

tuesday tutorial {file folders}

tidying up my desk meant i needed a place for the mountains of paperwork that inundate our home on a daily basis. from bills and invitations to school work and school forms needing action....more

e-course for bloggers and small business owners!!!

hello lovely friends! happy tuesday!!!i am so thrilled to announce a special e-course i have been developing for you over the past couple of months!"shop talk" for bloggers and small business owners!here is a sneak peek: it is perfect for beginning bloggers and small business owners....more

the quarter that cost a thousand dollars

a picture is worth a thousand words? well here is the quarter that cost a thousand dollars. at a cheer event (where else?) an energetic, unsuspecting boy finds a quarter and places it in his mouth (where else?) because it seems like a fantastic idea....more

a little trip to morro bay

if you have never seen her, Morro Bay is a splendid little fishing town north of Santa Barbara.we lived there for about 13 years before we made the move to socal....more

3 ways social media is bad for you

i did a little research and it turns out social media is addicting :-O i know! surprise, surprise! really? yep, we simply cannot deny. whether it's pinterest, instagram, facebook, whatever - we are junkies. and like addicts of another sort we also inherit some very negative side effects....more