(VIDEO) How To: Find That Perfect Hairstyle

Among the millions or billions of videos on YouTube, hair tutorials make up a large percentage of them. For almost any style you'd like to create or can imagine up, there's a how-to video there to help you out. But with all the trillions of tutorials at your fingertips, navigating through them all is some serious business. ...more
Always on the search for hair ideas as I'm not blessed with the best hair ever! ... more

The Pope and Sex Scandals: The Damage Can't Be Underestimated

Many Roman Catholics are upset, hurt, angry, disappointed. And when they look to the Vatican for leadership, many feel that Pope Benedict has not fared well. ...more

Actually, God was behind the whole "Vicar of Christ" thing. It was founded on His words to St. ... more

BlogHer '09: We're listening. And here's what we're mulling over so far...

It's Day Three post-BlogHer '09, and we are in our full-on, annual Listen-Real-Hard mode here at BlogHer. Since Lisa Stone, Jory Des Jardins and I first plunked down our credit cards to reserve a space for the BlogHer 2005, we have asked for everyone's help to make it happen. To make it better. To make it a celebration of women who blog. ...more

1. You do a fine job acknowledging sponsors. There are lots of opportunities ... more

Tide and Tim Gunn want to know – What Are YOU wearing to BlogHer '09?

That's right, your friends at Tide are bringing Tim Gunn - the leading fashion authority - to BlogHer '09!

Blogging About Teens

If you have teenagers, you know that blogging about them can be all but impossible.  ...more

If you started blogging when your kids were little, it does get harder to write about them as ... more

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Taking a Closer Look at Dad Blogs

For years we have known about the great corner of the blogosphere that houses the mom blogs. In fact, most of the posts I have written over the past couple of years have focused on Mom Blogs.  But what about the Dad Blogs?  Have you discovered the incredible wealth of great blogs written by Dads?  Let me just tell you this: Where there is a great Mom Blog, there can also be found a great Dad Blog. ...more

I wasn't familiar with Dad Labs, cool!

Busy Mom Blog


Whose story is it: Yours or Theirs? Blogging the Teen Years

I have been writing my blog, Mommy Needs Coffee, since 2003.  When I started writing it my children were ten, seven and two.  (At least within months of those ages. ...more

If I wrote about the kids, especially the older ones, I try to make sure it's about how I ... more

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Heading to one of our Reach Out Tour cities this October? The you'll want to pick up the code below to show your LocalBlogger pride: Code: <a href="http://guest.cvent.com/i.aspx?5S,M3,1443659d-4428-4973-96f2-7831c9a7d525"><img src="http://blogher.com/files/BHROT08-BOS-Going.gif" alt="Going to BlogHer Boston" /></a> ...more

If I take all the buttons, maybe that means I can go to all the ... more